Apr 2, 2011

Parenting tips: How to make your kids take their medicine

 As a parent, you know that making your children take their medicine can pose quite a challenge. That’s because most of the time, children find their medicines to be bad-tasting, so they will do practically anything to avoid having to take them.

Don’t give up. Knowing this fact already brings you one step closer to finding out how you can make them take their medicine instead of forcing or fighting with them.  Here are some things that can help you:

Talk to your kids. Explain to them why they need to take their medicine. Be firm yet patient in telling them that  taking their medicine is an important step to making them  better.

Some mothers use the airplanes and spaceships trick in putting the spoon or dropper into their kids’ mouth. While this is fun and cute, it is not strongly recommended as children may begin to associate medicines with playing games.

Choose good-tasting medicines. Toddlers and older children shun food that do not taste good. The same principle applies to medication. Yummy-flavored medicines are a lot easier to take than those that taste bitter or have flavors that are too strong.

When it comes to cough medications, it’s a good thing there’s ASCOF Lagundi Syrup.   Made from 100% Lagundi leaves, it comes in delicious flavors such as strawberry, ponkan and menthol. And because it is natural, you can be sure that it is safe to give to children.

Give medicines that are easy to take. Some medicines are difficult for kids to swallow. As much as possible, choose something that is in syrup form so it’s easy for children to take.

Because it is available in syrup format, ASCOF Lagundi Syrup is convenient toadminister.  .  Just put the recommended amount of ASCOF syrup in a spoon or dropper, or use the dosage cup that comes free with every bottle.

Stick to the schedule. Skipping your child’s medicine intake schedule may give them the impression that they no longer need to take their medication. Sticking to the schedule will avoid confusion and will also help your children be more prepared in taking their medicine.
Do not mix medicine with food. : This tactic used by some parents in giving medication is not encouraged, because your child may not be able to take the entire intended dosage if he/she does not finish his/her food. Not only that, your child may begin to refuse any food given in the future, thinking that it may contain medicine.

Always have a positive attitude. Smile and be cheerful when administering medicine, so that your child will see the activity as something pleasant.
Say something like “It’s time for your medicine” in a happy voice, to reassure your child and give him/her the impression that there is nothing to worry about.

With these tips and further advice from your pediatrician, you can make your children take their medicine without the drama, and ensure that they recover from their illness much faster.

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