Apr 25, 2011

Ready To Go Camping?

Tomorrow will be the start of our Summer Youth Camp and I haven't packed my things yet. Blame my lazy bones for convincing me to do it later. But, (yeah!) will definitely do it as soon as my clothes dried up. Thanks to Mr. Sunshine for your strong heat that even my brainjuice got drained. Also, to mom who encouraged me to pack my things now so I wont cram and forget those essential items. Now, I'm refreshing my camp memories and preparing myself for a heavy duty 4-day out of my comfort zone. But I'm confident it'll gonna great and exciting.
Here are the things we must remember when going to camp:

1. Know where to go
2. Know how to get there
3. Bring extra money
4. I recommend a backpack instead of shoulder bag :)
5. Always bring appropriate clothing (that includes your jacket)
5. Make sure you got toiletries with you so your buddy wont get pissed off everytime you borrow something from her/him :)
6. Bring your personal medication or better yet bring your own first aid kit
7. Bring your flashlight and whistle with you ALL THE TIME. These will help you when you got trapped or stranded.
8. Sleeping bag and tent is a must if not provided in the camp site ( Good for us we have those in Mt. Peniel)
9. Bring energy bar or candies to keep you active.
10.  Last but most important point, always pray for guidance and safety.
Okay, let's go back to my question. Am I ready to go camping?  Honestly, I am ready but not uber excited compared to the previous years I attended. Is it because I already attended before? Or just a sign of aging?  Oh!No way! I believe I'm still considered as young. :) I hope you all agree with my belief. lol :) 

Have a blessed week and please do include our Summer Youth Camp in your prayers!

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