May 26, 2011

Preparing To Rent In Makati

Last week, while we were on the road to meeting our relatives, I noticed mom took a serious glance on these big billboards with 3D perspectives of rent to own condominiums. And, by just looking at her gazing seriously at these ads, I may say that she’s really into buying a condo unit or an apartment in Makati preferably. Well, that idea, for me, is great, considering that we have been renting a non rent-to-own unit in a government housing for more than 5 years. Plus, I think it’s good thing to have your own condo unit especially in the business and financial center of our country.
So, as soon as we went home from the province, I started searching over the net for some buy and sell apartment. Good thing, there are sites that provides a comprehensive list of condos not only in Makati but also in the cities nearby. Normally, the majority in the list is really expensive but there are also few that offer a good price so as to fit the budget. As a result, I evaluate some of the condos listed.
As for my analysis, in preparing to rent Makati apartment, there are basic things to consider. Primarily, you must think about your income because, honestly, renting in the country’s busiest city, can eat up a lot of your savings. Actually, first thing must be the vicinity, but since it’s in Makati, no questions at all. Next in line, are the amenities. As an architectural designer, I learned how important these things are because, without these, people might get easily bored in your design. Although, I think these factors are not common problems when hunting apartment in Makati. Lastly, is the complete agreement of the family members. When all these are set, you may now look for a good agent to give you a better view of your desired apartment. And, Voila! Opportunities awaits at your doorstep.

May 19, 2011

I Love Earth: An Earth Day Celebration At Nuvali

Fish Feeding Area: My Favorite Stop
As soon as I got back home from our Earth Day Celebration at Nuvali last Saturday, I cant help but share my friends and relatives what great things I've experienced with the country's first large scale eco- community.

For me, Nuvali was an awesome treat and an advance birthday gift as well. :) And, to give you a preview of our tour,  here are some of the photos: (Courtesy of Footontheloose and OrangeMagazineTv)

May 13, 2011

San Juanico Golf Hotel: Golfers' Haven

THE SAN JUANICO GOLF HOTEL, a 30-room hotel with breathtaking views of verdant, rolling hills and the engineering marvel that is San Juanico Bridge is now open for guests and golfing enthusiasts.
Located in Barangay Camansihay (just 10 kilometers from the capital Tacloban City), the new hotel inside the San Juanico Park, Golf and Country Club has all the amenities visitors would need for a comfortable, safe and memorable experience when touring Leyte or enjoying their golf game at the 18-hole golf course.
The San Juanico Golf Hotel helps meet the growing demand for quality accommodations needed by the increasing number of visitors to the Eastern Visayas region, especially Tacloban City.

May 10, 2011

Amazing Giant Sea Turtle

Last Monday, we had the opportunity to witness, once again, the beauty of my mom's hometown in Gumaca, Quezon. And, as we arrived at my uncle's crib, we found a giant Philippine Sea Turtle also known as Pawikan. It was 12 inches in diameter and it's shell, aesthetically, is really AWESOME! Unfortunately, this poor turtle, along with a hawksbill turtle, is becoming too weak because they have been there since February. Probably, their families are crying by then . Poor enormous creatures :(

May 1, 2011

Global B2B Trade Marketplace ECPlaza Turns 15

15th Anniversary of Global Online B2B Trade Marketplace ECPlaza!
Since 1996, ECPlaza, a B2B trade business site, has become No.1 Trade Leader to over 1,000,000 members on export marketing. They are operating not only global online B2B trade marketplace, EDI(Electronic Data Interchange) service, trade consulting but also offline trade-related services for small and medium enterprises.

And now, Ecplaza, has become 15 years since serving members all around the world as a World’s Leading Global Online B2B Trade Marketplace since 1996.