May 10, 2011

Amazing Giant Sea Turtle

Last Monday, we had the opportunity to witness, once again, the beauty of my mom's hometown in Gumaca, Quezon. And, as we arrived at my uncle's crib, we found a giant Philippine Sea Turtle also known as Pawikan. It was 12 inches in diameter and it's shell, aesthetically, is really AWESOME! Unfortunately, this poor turtle, along with a hawksbill turtle, is becoming too weak because they have been there since February. Probably, their families are crying by then . Poor enormous creatures :(
Another sad thing is, people in their neighborhood are planning something bad about this Pawikan. When we heard the news, my brother made up an escape plan. And, we only got 4 days to accomplish it. The problem is all their eyes are on us. Plus, Tin (my cousin) told us that if they caught us, they might chase us with an ax. Oh! How awful!

But these threats didn't stop my brother. Instead he called for help. Too bad, they just told my brother to execute his plans. Maybe because they're too far from the vicinity. So, there. After two days, we still didn't got the chance to free them. Luckily, on our last day. We, the youngsters in the town (that includes my cousin, brother and I), freed the poor turtle. And, together with its family,they all live happily ever after. :)


  1. WOW! bait naman.... sayang hindi ako nakasama.

  2. for sure yun dn gagawin mo kuya :) hehe next time wag kana papaiwan :)


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