May 19, 2011

I Love Earth: An Earth Day Celebration At Nuvali

Fish Feeding Area: My Favorite Stop
As soon as I got back home from our Earth Day Celebration at Nuvali last Saturday, I cant help but share my friends and relatives what great things I've experienced with the country's first large scale eco- community.

For me, Nuvali was an awesome treat and an advance birthday gift as well. :) And, to give you a preview of our tour,  here are some of the photos: (Courtesy of Footontheloose and OrangeMagazineTv)

Ms. Meanne Dy as she formally opens the Nuvali I Love Earth Celebration.
Nuvali exhibits a collection of instruments made by our country men from SANGHABI.
These were the ones that caught my attention as soon as I hopped out of the bus.

Next stop: Your Own Notebook and Eco Things booth where in recyclable material 
are being used and turned into a nice looking and useful stuffS :)
Nuvali uses less energy consumption that provides cutting costs by using solar panels
A difference of 15% from our regular consumption.

A demo of a futuristic proto-type car that runs on a fuel cell. 
Presented by Shilelagh Solar Power
Greenpeace Philippines, an inspiring global community taking action to protect our planet, have their own pledge booth as well.
In Nuvali, they called it "Water Taxi". I just don't know why they called it that way.
This speedboat can carry a maximum of 12 persons. It's open for public and is just a
4-minute ride to the Nuvali Commercial Land Area (good thing is, they offered us a ride for free). :)
The Nuvali Evoliving Center which obviously has a very modern yet sustainable concept.
Water elements were added to help cool down the area (one characteristic of a sustainable structure).
Furniture made from recycled materials

Lastly, an educational tour inside the Evoliving Center which I think is very helpful for us to understand more about the concept behind Nuvali's I Love Earth celebration. Plus, the bloggers luncheon while watching the preview of activities that will surely inspire the public to take a stand and drive positive changes to the environment, to get them involved and learn how every little green thing counts.  

Nuvali encourages everyone to get involved and take action, to embrace a better way to do things, and celebrate the planet everyday. Nuvali believes that together, we can all make a difference!

Give earth a hand... It needs you! -Greenpeace

Schedule of Events:
May 14, 2011- Health and Fitness / On-the-Spot Painting; 
May 15, 2011-The Art of Wellness Cooking; 
May 21, 2011-Green Technology Exhibit and Talks; 
May 22, 2011-Blooms and Landscapes and 
May 28-29, 2011-Give the Earth Your Best Shot.

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