May 26, 2011

Preparing To Rent In Makati

Last week, while we were on the road to meeting our relatives, I noticed mom took a serious glance on these big billboards with 3D perspectives of rent to own condominiums. And, by just looking at her gazing seriously at these ads, I may say that she’s really into buying a condo unit or an apartment in Makati preferably. Well, that idea, for me, is great, considering that we have been renting a non rent-to-own unit in a government housing for more than 5 years. Plus, I think it’s good thing to have your own condo unit especially in the business and financial center of our country.
So, as soon as we went home from the province, I started searching over the net for some buy and sell apartment. Good thing, there are sites that provides a comprehensive list of condos not only in Makati but also in the cities nearby. Normally, the majority in the list is really expensive but there are also few that offer a good price so as to fit the budget. As a result, I evaluate some of the condos listed.
As for my analysis, in preparing to rent Makati apartment, there are basic things to consider. Primarily, you must think about your income because, honestly, renting in the country’s busiest city, can eat up a lot of your savings. Actually, first thing must be the vicinity, but since it’s in Makati, no questions at all. Next in line, are the amenities. As an architectural designer, I learned how important these things are because, without these, people might get easily bored in your design. Although, I think these factors are not common problems when hunting apartment in Makati. Lastly, is the complete agreement of the family members. When all these are set, you may now look for a good agent to give you a better view of your desired apartment. And, Voila! Opportunities awaits at your doorstep.


  1. I'm considering this one too. Having my own home here at Makati in God's time. Thank you for posting.

  2. I agree with you, we all must start dreaming of it and hopefully soon, visit visit nlng :)

    thanks ate laids for dropping by :)

  3. ei cla.,.,we all wanted to have that dream condo in the future.,.,keep the faith.,.,.Live our dreams,.,GOD bless,.,.,

  4. AyosDito has been a great help in giving people ideas regarding services and products. It's very convenient knowing they do not have to go places and travel to canvass for want they want, just a click and they're there!

    Great job in writing such a post:)

  5. Thanks Sarah :) AyosDito is really helpful to those people in search of cheap but quality products. :)God Bless


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