Jun 24, 2011

Fight The Deadly Superbug the Right Way

Another problem lands our country. A problem that calls for an urgent need for global action. World Health Organization and Philippines' Department of Health released a warning that our country is at risk of this deadly superbacteria called SUPERBUG. It has already spread to Southeast Asia, Europe and North America. And, as confirmed by the media in Belgium, one man  has already died because of this new superbug infection. This infection caused by a superbug contains an NDM-1 mutation which killed patients in India, Pakistan, UK, US, Australia, Japan and other Asian countries. 

Since this superbug is resistant to most commonly prescribed antibiotics, no drug is effective to fight against it. The best way to fight them is through prevention. And, that includes changing our personal habits in ways that keep superbugs from emerging and spreading. 

Vice president of the Philippine Society of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, Dr. Rontgene Solante explained how some of our common practices may lead to emergence of superbug. The following practices he mentioned are as follows:

1. Self-medication (taking the wrong amount of antibiotics)
2. Non compliance with antibiotic dosage (failure to complete recommended dosage)
3. Unsanitary habits (hand-washing and other hygiene habits)
Dr. Solante presents Common practices of Filipinos
Watsons and Unilab joins hand in fight against Superbug
Sheryl Cosim, event host, shares her thought about this deadly superbug
 Like many of us, I'm guilty of being a careless user of antibiotics. Good thing I was invited in this awareness program to be able to share how serious it can be if not prevented. And, as a solution, Watson and Unilab are implementing a joint campaign to teach and promote good compliance with the right antibiotic. 

As a contibution, Watsons Pharmacy helps to provide a staff of competent and knowledgeable pharmacists to be able to advice consumers how to use antibiotics properly, and offer an antibiotic compliance packs sold at a much lower price.

Watsons' Antibiotoic compliance pack
As a final remarks, Atty Jose Maria A. Ochave, chief operating officer of Watsons, encouraged everyone to get involved. "The problem is global, but the solution is local." he added.

It was a very informative event indeed. So people, be aware of your antibiotics intake and lets all take our part in fighting against this Superbug.

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