Jun 10, 2011

KASAMBUHAY SA HABAMBUHAY: A Nestle's Short Film Anthology

In part of the Celebration of Nestles’ 100 years of  Good Food for Good Life, they have prepared a special project: a 100-minute anthology of 10 short yet entertaining films directed by creative Directors and Masters of Storytelling from TV ad form.   
The project “SINE KASAMABUHAY”, envisioned to explore the multitude of stories of how NESTLE have been a KASAMBUHAY to every Filipinos for 100 years to be told in 100 minutes film,  inspired by Filipinos loved for cinema.

Each Director was asked to present stories in whatever genre for any NESTLE brands they choose. The Collection has drama, romantic-comedy, musical, fantasy, satire, family comedy, suspense thriller, adventure, mock-umentary and a shakesperan parody. Stories of tenderness amidst grit, friendship amidst trials, even poetry in a food fight. Stories of nourishing imagination, of finding miracles and tenderness where one least expects it and, of course, stories of love and the many ways it moves.

The KASAMBUHAY SA HABAMBUHAY SHORT FILM ANTHOLOGY will be shown for FREE in selected cinemas nationwide (Megamall Cinema 3, Southmall Cinema 6, Rosales Cinema 1, Davao Cinema 1 and Cebu Cinema 7) on the following dates:
June 10 at SM Megamall

June 11 and 12 will be the Free Movie Weekend

Screening starts at 11 a.m. Five lucky viewers (one per cinema) will get a chance to win P10,000 per area just by voting for their favorite short film or story at the end of the film showing. Films will also be exhibited at the Cannes Lions Advertising Festival in France this Month.

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