Jun 15, 2011

PLDT myDSL’s Internet to Sawa TRANSFORMS My Internet Experience from Revolution to Evolution

People are in revolution. In revolution for better internet that leads to a better living. Better living because like every other Filipinos, I’ am a self confessed internet savvy. It keeps me updated to almost everything and makes me always connected to mom. So in times of poor connection, I really feel like having a signage on hand and rally outside my internet providers’ door. The feeling that you don’t get what you pay for is like having a heart burn, you can’t help yourself from the painful attacks.

 Good thing this commotion will soon be over because of the evolution PLDT has to offer: The PLDT myDSL’s Internet to Sawa! Surf,Chat and Blog all you want without any hassle as Three(3)mbps speed has now evolved to FIVE(5)! For more information visit www.myworldmydsl.com or call 171 to confirm your subscription.

With this, PLDT myDSL’s Internet to Sawa transforms my internet experience from revolution to evolution.

And, just like the evolution that happened to PLDT myDSL, you as a regular blogger can also evolve and transform to a NUFFNANGER like me! This transformation will open you doors to different events and products that will make the content of your blog credible and hit.

Remember, change is always constant! :)

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  1. This is a great offer from PLDT. Internet is speeding up and becoming less expensive. I'm looking forward to faster speeds for plan 1,000 - I hope that time comes.


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