Jun 17, 2011

What To Give Your Dad This Fathers' Day

Father's day is just around the corner. And,  probably, many of us are racking our brains out, thinking of what to give our daddies on his special day. The thing is, majority of us focus on material things than what really would last.

One sure way to give him a lasting treat is by making his day a memorable one. You don't have to make it extravagant as some are doing. Believe me, you only need a little creativity and effort. Here are 6 Tips to make your Father's Day a blast:

1. Make sure to prepare his favorite breakfast menu the moment he opened his eyes. Coffee and toasted bread, with a warm hug, will do. :)

2. Make a mini presentation for him. I know musically inclined daddies would love to see his kids making a mini concert at home.

3. Treat him out, to movie theaters, karaoke house, theme park, concert or his favorite restaurant. Just be sure to make it a fun filled day and stop being a kill joy. After all, it's his special day, not yours.

4. If the previous tips aren't applicable for some reasons, give him a personal letter instead telling how you appreciate and love him. Make it heart felt with a little comedy. :)

5. Give him a present (including your personal letter). Either you buy it or you personalized it. Consider his hobbies and sports. A cap, perfume, wallet, latest gadget, shirt, watch, tie, bag, or anything your dad would surely love.

Reminder: Forget it all but not your cameras. In this way, you can be able to look through and bring back these exciting and memorable moments in the next years.

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  1. Greats tips here, Clariss. What would you recommend to give if the dad is working abroad? :D Mine is!


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