Jul 15, 2011

Bustling Thursday

I never thought my Thursday would be as colorful as I imagined. 

I woke up 10 minutes before the scheduled time which is 5am. Hurried to meet the gang for another leg of Breaking point in Antipolo City. Grab some breakfast at Sta. Lucia. And headed to San Jose National High School.

After the program, we took our lunch at Jollibee SM Masinag. Rest a while. Then travelled back to Cubao to find a bus transit to SM Hypermarket Baliwag. Honestly, I had no idea how to get to SM Baliwag as fast as possible. So I asked bystanders and searched all the way to the bus station. 

Finally I found the Baliwag Transit. Waited for passengers. It was half occupied when the bus finally ran toward our destination. It was already 2:45 when the bus reached NLEX. And the SM Master Chef Cooking Marathon event I had to attend has to start at exactly 3pm.  Plus, the bus driver was sooo slow that you can paint a masterpiece while he’s driving. Can you imagine the pressure?

I almost asked every person I think is credible to answer how much time I can get to SM. I don’t know what exactly my face looked like that moment. It was more than words to describe my tense feeling, really. 

At 4:30, as expected, I arrived late. Super late. But I had to strengthen my heart and my face to ask where is the bloggers registration. Politely, the SM Hypermarket girls answered me and brought me to the person in charge, June. He said the demo was over and there’s another blogger in the event. 

Somehow, my breathing started to get back to normal. I met her, ate Madz. She was very nice and friendly. She even offered me to grab her shots during the cooking demo.
After taking some photos in the event, June gave us some token, which I did not expect because of me being so late. I apologize, repeatedly, and they were so nice, still. Oh! What a day! 

But, my Thursday doesn’t end there. Because, I also went to SM North to meet my bestfriends, Earl and Chuabing for a dinner treat at Banana Leaf. It was fun to have some time with your friends after not seeing them for months. We maximized the night, we took photos, as usual, went shopping and they even show me a ridiculous face dance. Lol. Truly memorable day and night full of laughter; that wraps up my colorful Thursday.

 PS: Never try to ride a Baliwag transit if you're in a hurry. You might as well experience breathing like a horse. :)

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