Aug 25, 2011

Experience Painless Facial Treatment At Clarity

Front desk
After weeks of planning an appointment with Clarity, finally I got the chance to pamper myself with their ultra firming facial treatment at Shangri La Plaza, for the first time.

At first, I was very nervous thinking of my past experience with a regular facial treatment full of pains, tears and redness. I thought it'll gonna be the same procedure but dear it's more than safe and painless than I imagined.

Intel Philippines Awarded the Top 10 for the Intel Digital Showdown

Crowd Photo Courtesy of Intel Philippines
It was a long loooong day when my brother and I together with our lil friend Brandon went to Intel Digital Showdown Awards night. The event was held at Greenbelt 3, Cinema. It was fun though late. Yes, they started late due to some technical problems but atleast they prepared something to fill our tummies, from NYFD, which the burger I brought home. So, let's go straight to the event. 

Aug 20, 2011

GABC partners with DTC’s Kariton Klasrum

The Dynamic Teen Company (DTC), a local NGO headed by 2009 CNN Hero of the Year Efren Penaflorida, has partnered with GOLDEN ABC (GABC), the country’s  fashion pioneer and owner of leading brands Penshoppe, Oxygen, ForMe, Memo, and Regatta, for “Kariton Klasrum” (pushcart education), a literacy and hygiene program for unschooled children. 
In line with “GET UP,” GABC’s corporate social responsibility platform, the company pledged to assist in  providing knowledge to underprivileged children in barangay Caridad, an urban poor community in Cavite City.

Pushing Carts with 2009 CNN Hero, Kuya Efren

Push Bloggers Push! :)
This... is probably the highlight of my week: Pushing Carts with 2009 CNN Hero, Kuya Efren Penaflorida. I don't know what made me say yes to an advocacy event like this. But, after all, I just remembered myself wearing that happy status within.

The program, hosted by Golden ABC, was a bit different from my encounters. It's simple yet rock! :) We traveled for just an hour. Changed shirts at "Karbuil" (Kariton Building) a building specially built for out of school youth within the area of Cavite.

Who's Up Tonight?

It was Friday afternoon, I was on my way to mom's office, when one of my sister at our church sent me a message. "7pm Later at Market Market ha?See ya!". Not the exact words, but I surely got her point. And, guess what I replied?

I told her that I was not informed and twas too late and better if we make it 6pm blah blah blah. Actually, I just don't like the idea of night out  since I'm not a night person and yes, I sleep early. But, after a while, I just told her, "ok! see ya!". And before I knew it. I was already on my way to Market Market.

Another Master Chef's Cooking Demo at SM Las Pinas

See this?
Cool Summer Chicken Salad
 What about these two...

Aug 18, 2011

Playa Laiya; most desired leisure destination in Batangas

ONE NO LONGER HAS TO TRAVEL TO A FAR AWAY ISLAND to enjoy surf, sun and sea at a world-class beach resort. The luxurious beach at Playa Laiya leisure community in San Juan, Batangas is the perfect beachside residence and leisure destination to go with family and friends--it's only two hours and thirty minutes away from Metro Manila.

Bringing back Coors Pop-A-Shot to Metro Manila bars

The NBA’s favourite arcade game, Coors Light NBA Pop-A-Shot is back in Manila.
NBA and Coors, the official beer partner of the NBA in the Philippines, have brought back the globally popular, carnival-style arcade basketball shooting tournament to the Metro Manila bar scene for the second consecutive year. The first leg of the Coors Light NBA Pop-A-Shot 2011 took off at Flight Bar in Scout Borromeo, Quezon City, an airport terminal-themed bar this past weekend from August 18-20.

Aug 14, 2011

When we play Alter Space the planet wins

MANILA, Philippines--It's not just a fun online game. Alter Space is the first Filipino online game on Facebook that teaches gamers how they can help protect the planet. For blogger Richard Mamuyac, playing Alter Space improved his perspective regarding environmental concerns—it also helped him get his very own iPad 2. He won the iPad after getting proclaimed the grand winner in a contest sponsored by AbotizPower (PSE ticker symbol: AP) for Nuffnang bloggers.

Aug 11, 2011


Digital Film & Poster Art Competition
   Open to all students and professionals

That’s the line. Show us what it means.


Aug 9, 2011

Get Closer To Your Loved ones With Close Up Fire-Freeze

Have you tried talking to your special someone, let's say your husband/wife, your boyfriend/girlfriend, or your ultimate crush maybe, only to find out that he/ she has bad breath? And the only way to save yourself from fainting is to stay as far as possible from him/her. 

Yes, you may find it frustrating but let’s see it the other way. What if you’re the one suffering from bad breath? That everytime you start talking, everyone just disappears. Well, fret not, my friend, because I have just found an ultimate solution to get YOU closer to your loved ones. Here it is:

Make life more fun with the new Chevrolet Spark variants

Chevrolet Philippines-TCCCI introduces two new Chevrolet Spark variants – 1.0L automatic transmission and manual transmission models. Own a Chevrolet Spark for as low as P518,88.

It’s triple the fun as Chevrolet Philippines-TCCCI introduces two new Chevy Spark variants—1.0L 4-speed automatic transmission and 5-speed manual transmission models—to complement the classic version. Featuring the same stylish look and edgy appeal of the initial 1.2 MT model, the Spark 1 liter variants are expected to make the same strong impact on the mini-passenger car segment.

Aug 8, 2011

B2B Marketplace And Our Environment

The Inconvenient truth by Al gore was one big slap on my face.

After I watched it, I felt so sorry for the damage I made to our mother earth. I started to realize that our world has to be revived, for the sake of the next generations coming. And, WE all must take actions, big or small, to save our planet like what  Korea Environmental Technology and Industry Institute established. 

Aug 5, 2011

“Being A Nuffnang Blogger is the Hottest Thing Since I went Online”

Well, I must admit, I'm an internet junkie since then. But, it is entirely different NOW that I consider myself a BLOGGER

I remember, Friendster, Google and Yahoo are my favorite sites. I got consumed by these 3 that I realized I need to find something else, something more beneficial. Then, a friend introduce where I gain not only number of friends but also good thoughts and experiences.

Aug 4, 2011

Coach Erik Spoelstra took his NBA FIT commitment one notch higher

Miami Heat Coach Erik Spoelstra took his NBA FIT commitment one notch higher by leading the NBA FIT Development Camp for elite athletes and coaches as part of the 14-day NBA FIT Philippines 2011 program. The Development Camp was conducted with the Energen Philippine Under-16 National Team that is preparing for the SEABA Qualifiers for the FIBA-Asia Under-16 Championships in October. 400 coaches from grade schools, high schoosl, colleges and professional teams observed the proceedings and interacted with Coach Spo and his assistant coaches Dave Fizdale and Chad Cammerer after the camp. .This weekend (August 6 and 7), Coach Spo gets the general public involved in NBA FIT with health and fitness activities at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall. Coach Spo also leads the Air 21 NBA FIT Run at The Fort on Sunday as race marshal. 

Aug 1, 2011

About Landco Pacific Corporation

Landco Pacific Corporation is the developer of high-end leisure, urban, and hometown communities. For 21 years, the company has made its mark in Philippine real estate, and is widely acknowledged to be the leader in leisure development.  As the purveyor of resort living experiences, Landco is committed to consistently create innovative and outstanding lifestyle products that revolutionize the way you live...Life at your leisure. For more information, call 836-5000, email or visit


GOLDEN ABC, Inc. was established in Cebu, Philippines in 1986. Fueled by the vision of being the most admired Asian fashion brands company, GOLDEN ABC, Inc. creates and sells its own ready-to-wear clothing and accessory lines. These are produced, marketed and retailed under a fast-growing, dynamic family of brands: PENSHOPPE, OXYGEN, FORME, MEMO,  REGATTA, TYLER and its direct selling subsidiary RED LOGO.