Aug 8, 2011

B2B Marketplace And Our Environment

The Inconvenient truth by Al gore was one big slap on my face.

After I watched it, I felt so sorry for the damage I made to our mother earth. I started to realize that our world has to be revived, for the sake of the next generations coming. And, WE all must take actions, big or small, to save our planet like what  Korea Environmental Technology and Industry Institute established. 

ECOTRADE Premier Environmental B2B MarketplaceKorea Environmental Technology and Industry Institute(KEITI) is a subsidiary governmental institute which aims to improve the quality of life by securing the global leadership of the environment industry and climate change through promoting the development and supply of green technology and green product which are the core of green growth. 
Main role, by the way, is to promote the projects for development of green environment technology. Not only that, but also, KEITI targets to strengthen the foundation of overseas export for the national environmental industry by establishing the plans fostering the environmental industry and supporting the overseas export suitable to the governmental policy to nurture the environmental industry as the strategic export industry.

This project reminds me of my thesis project, way back college, that has something to do with the environment and the goal which is very similar to what you've just read.  I love that thesis work. And, I know the potential it may bring not only to the environment but also to our country, if ever seen by the government or any private sector. So guys, please do yourselves and the future generation a favor, help us save the planet in your own small ways.
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