Aug 20, 2011

GABC partners with DTC’s Kariton Klasrum

The Dynamic Teen Company (DTC), a local NGO headed by 2009 CNN Hero of the Year Efren Penaflorida, has partnered with GOLDEN ABC (GABC), the country’s  fashion pioneer and owner of leading brands Penshoppe, Oxygen, ForMe, Memo, and Regatta, for “Kariton Klasrum” (pushcart education), a literacy and hygiene program for unschooled children. 
In line with “GET UP,” GABC’s corporate social responsibility platform, the company pledged to assist in  providing knowledge to underprivileged children in barangay Caridad, an urban poor community in Cavite City.
“GABC believes that there are many who are inspired by Efren’s work and can be active agents of change in our  country,” said Bernie Liu,  CEO & President of GOLDEN ABC. 

GABC and its employee volunteers are  helping  Penaflorida in teaching  the underprivileged kids basic reading, writing, arithmetic, hygiene, character building values and  educating them to make  a positive difference in their lives. 
“While Efren himself has been a valuable resource person and inspiration, GABC continues to make a difference by promoting the values of passion, volunteerism and teamwork towards making a positive change,” Liu added.

Since 1997, “Kariton Klarum” has been making a difference and has helped thousands of underprivileged youngsters in slum areas who have no access to education, basic hygiene and sometimes, even love from their families. Today, the group holds different activities to address these issues.
Over the past two decades, GABC has been actively involved in various foundations that further the cause of people development. It has branded its corporate social responsibility platform as “GET UP”. The company’s advocacies each fall under a category such as support for education, environment, community building, and arts & culture.

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