Aug 9, 2011

Get Closer To Your Loved ones With Close Up Fire-Freeze

Have you tried talking to your special someone, let's say your husband/wife, your boyfriend/girlfriend, or your ultimate crush maybe, only to find out that he/ she has bad breath? And the only way to save yourself from fainting is to stay as far as possible from him/her. 

Yes, you may find it frustrating but let’s see it the other way. What if you’re the one suffering from bad breath? That everytime you start talking, everyone just disappears. Well, fret not, my friend, because I have just found an ultimate solution to get YOU closer to your loved ones. Here it is:

The newest innovation in the gel toothpaste market: Close up Fire-Freeze
It has a dual gel that delivers a warm and cold sensation. The red gel kills odor-causing bacteria while the blue gel gives ultimate long-lasting freshness.

How effective is it? Hear my story:

Recently, brother and I, along with few blogger friends attended the launch of Close up Fire-Freeze at Lazer Xtreme, Market Market in Taguig City, where we got to witness how amazing and effective this new product was.

Kokak-the-froglet on the freshness test
Opening of the program went really quick with meet and greet while refreshments were served. Afterwards, we were brought under a test. A test that measured the level of freshness in our mouths (breaths). Uh-oh! That, I was not informed.

After measuring our breaths using halimeter, they led us to the brushing area. Allowed us to test their newest Close up Fire-Freeze. And, once again, measured our breaths. They said that the higher the number we get, the higher the sulfate content found in our mouths, the higher risk of having an awful breath. By the way, I got a high number at first, and definitely, I wasn’t proud of it, but after a while, I got zero! :)

After the test, they led us to the LazerXtreme Area where we were divided into two groups: Fire and Freeze. Freeze, where I belonged, won the game and brought home some stuffs. 

 We played there for almost 30 minutes. And, one thing most of us noticed was the intense cold feeling mixed with the warm sensation in our mouths. It was still there as if you’ve just brushed your teeth. Surely, you’ll agree with me once you’ve tried the product. 

After the game and the sharing-the-experience part, we headed to Serendra for dinner. Before the feast started, once again, the close up ladies trapped us to measure our breaths and amazingly, I got a ZERO!Even after the dinner and the photo op, personally I can still feel the warm feeling inside, particularly beneath my lips. 

In addition to my experience, Closeup conducted extensive tests to confirm that:
  • Both warm and cool sensations are really present upon brushing. 
  • Closeup Fire-Freeze beats the leading gel toothpaste when it comes to coolness of the mouth and freshness of breath over a long period of time.  
  • It gives up to 12 hours of fresh breath compared to other brandsthat’s half a day of ultimate freshness and confidence with just one brush
Of course, you do not want bad breath get in the way of getting close to your loved ones.  So, grab Close up Fire-Freeze now! Avail for yourself. Buy for the whole family. Better recommend if you know a friend having this kind of problem. Keep sharing the goodness of this product and experience the ULTIMATE freshness like never before. Closeup Fire-Freeze comes in 3 pack sizes:

  • 50ml tube at Php 37.90,
  • 100ml tube at Php 59.90
  • 150ml tube at Php 86.90
And, oh! Dont forget to share you close up experience here or visit  Close Up FB Fan Page.


  1. Fire-Freeze...hmmm. Let me try it first. :)

  2. Sure, I got lots here at home sis. :) will bring you on sunday

  3. Close-up is among the brands I really trust, when it comes to oral care. I am glad that it continues to explore and make new products to better serve its clients. Fresh breath is, indeed, important—we all know that. Thanks for sharing, Clarisse!

  4. The cool feeling of ice is there, how about the fire?

  5. Glad that Close up is still innovating different flavors for different people. I would love to try it.

  6. Earl! hakuna matata! will give u one when I see you! :) mwuah

  7. @Event lover-the fire feeling? well it will definitely make you feel like on fire! haha. nah kidding! actually the burning sensation and the cooling effect are mixed with just right amount. better if you experience it yourself :)

  8. Thanks Yashiro! yes!close up indeed continues their innovation that's what I love about them :)

  9. If you really want to gain some self confidence and long-lasting freshness you must try the New Closeup Fire-Freeze and get closer to your loved ones!

  10. Thanks for the free sample sis :) it's freezing cool dude lol

  11. heheh!! nice publicity for Close up by the way! :) :)
    You could really be a marketing person for them! :)

  12. haha!u got me there! Thanks! Now, Im looking forward for them to hire me. haha!

  13. i think your post about your closeup experience is great haha! just shows how important oral hygiene is. :)

  14. close up smile .. simplifies you,,,cla,,when you smile you got peoples attention,,,,,being confident with your smile really makes you shine,,,,like the close up fire freeze baby,,hhheheehehhhheeh
    nice blog!!


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