Aug 25, 2011

Intel Philippines Awarded the Top 10 for the Intel Digital Showdown

Crowd Photo Courtesy of Intel Philippines
It was a long loooong day when my brother and I together with our lil friend Brandon went to Intel Digital Showdown Awards night. The event was held at Greenbelt 3, Cinema. It was fun though late. Yes, they started late due to some technical problems but atleast they prepared something to fill our tummies, from NYFD, which the burger I brought home. So, let's go straight to the event. 

By the way don't get confused, I came there not as a blogger but contestant. No. Actually it was my brother. I was JUST her actress and great PA. :) Lol

Anyways, after the long wait. We headed to a space with of course giant screen and few seats-compared to big cinemas. There, we heard speech from Ricky Banaag, country manager of Intel Philippines and Randy Kanapi, marketing and PR manager for Intel Philippines. And we got to see a couple of videos made by one of the judges RA Rivera who was also present that time.They also presented the top ten finalists from the hundred plus who participated. And finally awarding of top 3. Here they are:

L-R Randy Kanapi, RA Rivera, Gary Stephen Sta. Cruz (3rd), Patrick Edison Uy (2nd), Jay Alde Jamoralin (1st) and Ricky Banaag Photo Courtesy of Intel Philippines

Yes it was frustrating not to have those i3, i5 and i7 laptops but it was cool knowing that we made it to top 10. And were still winners because the rest-the magic 7-got themselves a tripod each as a consolation prize. Not bad. :) 

THE top ten! (all smiling) Photo Courtesy of Intel Philippines

Now we can shoot films without my brother using our stand fan as tripod, thanks to Intel. :)