Aug 25, 2011

Experience Painless Facial Treatment At Clarity

Front desk
After weeks of planning an appointment with Clarity, finally I got the chance to pamper myself with their ultra firming facial treatment at Shangri La Plaza, for the first time.

At first, I was very nervous thinking of my past experience with a regular facial treatment full of pains, tears and redness. I thought it'll gonna be the same procedure but dear it's more than safe and painless than I imagined.

As I entered their 2x3 meter room, a lady named Olive told me to lay down on the bed. She clipped my hair with a headband so it wont go into my face. After a while of waiting, she started to put something, cleanser maybe, and massage my face for 5 minutes. I thought, maybe it's just a start up for a bloody pricking.
Then, Olive painted my face with a cold cream using a fine brush. She covered my eyes and put me under the steam for 10 minutes. It was fine at the start but the warm air seemed suffocating at the last few minutes I felt like I was the girl in the Final destination 5. :) Thank God Olive came. She massaged my face for 15 minutes. It was the best massage ever! :) I felt like falling into dreamland but I did not.

After the superb relaxing message, she covered my face with a tissue-like cloth and put the ultra firming cream or solution or whatever they call it. For 20 minutes all I was seeing was white cloth. And again, I imagined myself as one of the stars in final destination. :) Then, Olive came in, remove the cloth and put my face an anti fatigue solution. And, surprisingly, it's done! No pricking. No blood shedding. No tears. No rules after the treatment. Meaning, you can still put on make up afterwards. But I chose not to, just lipgloss, because my face was already glowing after the treatment (that's according to my brother).

Good thing about Clarity, aside from their excellent service, is the people. They are all very accommodating. You can ask them anything and they'll answer you politely. :) 

Now I'm looking forward to my next session. :)