Aug 20, 2011

Pushing Carts with 2009 CNN Hero, Kuya Efren

Push Bloggers Push! :)
This... is probably the highlight of my week: Pushing Carts with 2009 CNN Hero, Kuya Efren Penaflorida. I don't know what made me say yes to an advocacy event like this. But, after all, I just remembered myself wearing that happy status within.

The program, hosted by Golden ABC, was a bit different from my encounters. It's simple yet rock! :) We traveled for just an hour. Changed shirts at "Karbuil" (Kariton Building) a building specially built for out of school youth within the area of Cavite.

Karbuil exterior
After a while, we, bloggers together with Golden ABC, went straight to the site since we have no more time left.  As we arrived, volunteers from DTC (Dynamic Teen Company), were already starting to gather children. And, our tasks: to assist the teachers. We were divided into 3 groups for 3 classes of kids of different ages. Here are some of the kids we handled:

These kids have different personalities. But as you can see, they're all sharing a common ground, poverty.

Usually, when I see kids with no education, nothing to eat and no one to depend on, I blame their parents. But, Kuya Efren, here, reacted differently by starting a "pushcart classroom" in the Philippines to bring education to poor children as an alternative to gang problems.

Bloggers: Zheyme, Lariza and Vin with Kuya Ef
DTC with Kuya Ef and some of the kids
While looking at these kids, I realized that problems are meant to be solved. And, instead of being a complainer, why not be part of a solution? Like what Kuya Efren did. And oh, before I forgot, after the session, we went back to Karbuil to meet and greet with Kuya Ef. He showed us his videos during his Tribute" at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood. Thanks to CNN, for his actual speech, below:

"Our planet is filled with heroes, young and old, rich and poor, man, woman of different colors, shapes and sizes. We are one great tapestry," ... "Each person has a hidden hero within, you just have to look inside you and search it in your heart, and be the hero to the next one in need."

"So to each and every person inside this theater and for those who are watching at home, the hero in you is waiting to be unleashed. Serve, serve well, serve others above yourself and be happy to serve. As I always tell to my co-volunteers ... you are the change that you dream, as I am the change that I dream, and collectively we are the change that this world needs to be."

Truly, Kuya Ef is a living hero with or without these awards. And.. YOU can also be one, too, through participating Get Up project made possible by Golden ABC (GABC), the pioneer and owner of Penshoppe, Oxygen, ForMe, Memo and Regatta, and Dynamic Teen Company (DTC). The project will start on September 1, 2011. All you have to do is purchase any item and a percentage from your payment goes to Kariton Klasrum. Yes, through a simple shopping...YOU CAN BE A HERO. :)