Aug 20, 2011

Who's Up Tonight?

It was Friday afternoon, I was on my way to mom's office, when one of my sister at our church sent me a message. "7pm Later at Market Market ha?See ya!". Not the exact words, but I surely got her point. And, guess what I replied?

I told her that I was not informed and twas too late and better if we make it 6pm blah blah blah. Actually, I just don't like the idea of night out  since I'm not a night person and yes, I sleep early. But, after a while, I just told her, "ok! see ya!". And before I knew it. I was already on my way to Market Market.

We met at pizza hut. There, waiting are my two ate's (sisters) at the church. Of course we first grabbed our meal, too bad I don't have money but thanks to Ate Lady for the treat. Check it out:

So, after we ate, we proceeded to girl's favorite subject: boys. Exactly! our agenda that night was not just to eat but to have some chitchat, be more open to one another as soul sisters and definitely friends, and be some sort of encouragement and inspiration.

Ate Sarj told us her colorful love story, how she met her love, what happened after the proposal, kilig moments, etc. While Ate Lady shared about her prayers for her family and her lalalala facebook status. :) I was just listening and a sharing my point of view but our conversation was cool and not boring. And the good thing is I learned a LOT from their experiences. Surely, they did too.

For me, meet up like this is one good ingredient for personal and spiritual growth. Because aside from fun the group offers, there is an assurance that the group you belong to can be trusted and is committed to one solid purpose. Here, by the way, is our group shot.
From left-Ate Lady, Ate Sarj and Yours truly
And oh! we need more girls! Are you up tonight? Leave me a comment.


  1. Oh....what is the meaning of LALALALAALA fb status??? I enjoyed this moment with you girls...worth treasure. Hugs :)

  2. nice shots...except me photo...I looked so big here.

  3. Sorry, but for me, the dishes look real yummy! :) Some description and how tasty they were, explanation would be kool! maybe also if you could tell what they were! :)

  4. Thanks Kelvin! :) will do it next time :) Thanks again! :)


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