Sep 6, 2011

Check Out My Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011

Everyday, you got to meet people who somehow inspire you to live your life of quality, wisdom and excitement. Same here in the blogosphere, one way or another we will encounter blogs that will encourage us to write passionately. And even influence the way we think, write and even speak. :)

So before the clock hits the final cut, I am now revealing my top 5 for the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011 Writing Project. Sorry I wasn't able to complete the list but blogs below really deserve the vote.
  1. Lsgeeksteronline - As accommodating and passionate as the author, this blog, that talks about personal blogging discoveries and SEO stuffs, has this charm that everytime I go online I can't help but browse through his new posts. Check out his page and you'll see.
  2. BloggerManila - Its a blog that talks about Social Media, Blogging, & Online Engagements. So newbie bloggers, like me, will find this really helpful and relevant if you're really into blogging stuffs. And oh! he's got a lot of contests and give-a-ways, so watch out for his posts. 
  3. Makemoremoneyonline- If you're looking for a sure online money making thing. Check out Lizzie's blog and you'll see lots and lots of treasures there. :)
  4. - For the love of my country, I voted for this site. I think it's very noble checking out this page. The site helps educate Filipinos and helps promote Filipino culture and national heritage. Check out this page for events and happenings within or even outside the corners of the largest urban park in Asia, Rizal Park.
  5. Lost Tsinelas (Yaya, Where's My Tsinelas)- I haven't met the person behind this blog but I love the way he writes. And I sure enjoy following where his tsinelas leads me. :)
So there's my list! How bout ya? Have you gotten yours already? You still have few hours to compose, hurry! :)


  1. Thanks clariss. Linky love for you is on my sidebar. :)

  2. I got your blog in my list :)

  3. Thanks Kelvin! :) My pleasure to be in your list! :) Gagawa dn ako nyan! Thanks again!


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