Apr 17, 2012

Top corporations participate in Globe Business’ golf tournament

REPRESENTATIVES of the country’s top corporations gathered for a friendly golf competition organized by Globe Business for its clientele. The Globe Connections Cup hailed Fred Castro of Steel Asia Mfg as the 1st runner-up winner, while Nancy Co of Green Cross emerged as the competition’s 2nd runner-up.

Apr 15, 2012

10 ways to simplify your business and save on costs

SIMPLIFYING business operations increases productivity, reduces costs and heightens efficiency—this allows entrepreneurs to free up and manage their time better, so they can pursue their hobbies and other passions.
GLOBE-CSI“Whether you have a big enterprise or a Small and Medium Business, Globe Business has solutions for you. Our services simplify company’s processes and operations to give entrepreneurs more time to focus on their business’ prime objective and their personal pursuits,” said Manny Aligada, Head of Corporate & SME Segments, Globe Business.
Here are 10 ways to simplify business operations using products and services from Globe Business:
1. Monitor your business anytime, anywhere. Thanks to Globe Business’ WebEye, an online video surveillance system, activities in one’s business premises may be monitored, at any time, thru the Internet. The surveillance video is viewable by the business owner or top management on any Internet device: a desktop computer; laptop; mobile phone or tablet.

Apr 14, 2012

Avida’s Red Letter Day for Mother Earth

AVIDA LAND joins the rest of the world in celebrating Earth Day. Earth Day is the largest, most widely observed global annual event in support of environmental protection, preservation and growth. Every year, the Earth Day event educates and encourages people all over the world to make smarter, Earth-friendly choices; to modify their lifestyles into something that is more sustainable for the planet and its inhabitants.