May 4, 2012

The Model: A dream come true

With all honesty, my childhood dream of being a model has been forgotten a long long time ago. Yes it's one of my many dreams, funny though, because I'm not the type that goes out with super mega extravagant outfit. Nahihiya talaga ko, so I'd rather wear jeans and simple shirt. Until people started appreciating my beauty. Then, I gain confidence, of course with God's reminder that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. But my transformation was not as fab as youre thinking. My brother even branded me a fashion victim for trying hard. I can't blame him cause even some of my friends told me that. haha!

Well, everyone and everything goes through a process naman. And I'm still going through that thing. That includes putting make up on, going with the latest fashion, learning facial and body expressions and a lot more thing. But the most important is the confidence to project. I believe if you are confident to carry yourself well, and you believe you are beautiful, then you can be a model! :)

I am not a professional model by the way. The above photo is just a product of boredom. My brother, who happens to be enthusiast on photography and film took that outside our crib. The funny thing is a lot of kids were following and watching us while doing that photoshoot thing. At first I was embarassed but as we go through the feeling was natural na lang. :)  

So, for dreamers like me, Just do it!  :) And oh! more interesting photos to look at HERE.

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