May 10, 2012

Pamper Yourself with A 30-minute Beauty Break at Bioessence

With the overwhelming tasks at hand and too little time to accomplish things, it’s a struggle for me to look for a place where I can give myself a break from my daily routine. As a result, I usually get stress. And stress, as we can all agreed, leads to unbalance physical life. Thank God, It was so timely that I was invited to join a Bioessence Bloggers Event at West Avenue where I got to try their newest program called BB Time; a refreshing 30 minute Beauty Break, for people who are always on the go, just like many of us here in Manila.
BB Time includes BB Facial, Foot Reflex and Back massage (each for 350php). With this 30 minute BB, one can maintain physical balance without spending too much of their time and money. Aside from the services they offer, one thing I like most with Bioessence is the people who are really nice. All through out they were smiling like they’ve known you for long. And, they were very accommodating, swear you wont get shy asking questions.

After they toured me around the European styled building, they finally led me to where the event took place. The event focused not only on how one can get a beautiful skin & body but also, the topic on Stress management, presented by the beautiful assistant training officer of Bioessence, Ms. Cha Sampang. This ones also my favorite since lately I was quite stress. Too bad I was late that I missed some of her points, but here I can share you a few bits of what I got:
  1. Clear your table. A clear table gives you a clear view of your goals and objectives. The more you are clear about what you want and what you have to achieve it, the more productive you become.
  2. Prioritize. Know your priorities. Better if you could write it down to give you a track to run on.
  3. Exercise. Grab a sport. This gives you a better blood circulation and a stress free life.
  4. Breathe. Breathing is important, of course you know that.But remember to do it right.
  5. Laugh. Positive people attracts good vibes. So better laugh frequently.
  6. Treat yourself. Everyone deserves a break. Though its a struggle for people with loaded schedule and tight budget. But this one doesn’t need to be that way.  
After the talk, the first batch of bloggers who arrived early had their 30 minutes Beauty Break (BB). And while we were waiting for our BB, Ms Cha gave us some tips on how we can take care our skin.  They also let us try their Oxygen Cleanser, Toner and Moisturizer which helps maintain clear, clean and healthy skin, specially for those who have sensitive skin.
While still enjoying the moisturizer on my hand, I got called by one of their charming staff and was finally led to another dimension. Smile Come, sneak a peek.

What fascinates me still is the interior of the building. The lighting  plus the color and materials used are perfectly combined to achieve this feeling of being at home. The staff told me that the concept is European but it seemed so Asian to me. Smile Ms. Cha did not fail me when she said “I want our customers feel at home here at Bioessence”. Truly the experience was delightful. I wont detail it here but swear you’ll love it.  You’ll love the people (who are well informed and well trained), the place (home sweet home) and their service (which is quick but high quality). And, after the BB, they did not let us go home without a take home.
Oh by the way, for daughters out there, here’s a chance to thank your mommah this Mother’s Day, with their Bioessence Pampering Kit! Available at Bioessence Branches.  For info, head to Bioessence FB Page  or visit your nearest branch and experience the Bioessence way.

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