Jun 20, 2012

Love affair with San Marino

While doing some stuff at the office, sister called telling me that I got a package from an unknown sender. The package was about 3” width, 12” height and approximately 1 kg. I told them to open it, they said, they’ll just wait for me. I insisted, so they opened it and found out these 4 tins from my love, San Marino.  


San Marino Corned Tuna (2 Spanish and 2 Classic)

Excited as always, I hurried home to check the limited edition gift set, the Yellowfin Tuna fillet in Olive Oil. And, again San Marino did not fail me. Smile Aside from the delicious taste and the fact that it has less oil that keeps the heart healthy, what I also love about it is the easy to open lid. I remember when I was opening a can using a knife, I accidentally cut myself which made my mom panic. And the last thing I remember that night was the anti-tetanus shot and the needle.  So, from that experience, I told myself not to open tins ever, good thing San Marino has this friendly can that even children can open.


Of the two flavors we got, classic(in green) was my fave, while brother preferred the Spanish style(in red).


For more of San Marino, check out their website at  http://sanmarino.com.ph/

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