Jun 28, 2012

Yahoo! We made it!

Claaaa pasado tau 3 ang saya ang galing talaga ni Lord sobra”- these are the magical words that highlight my  whole month of June. You asked what is it all about, well lets get you back to details few months ago.
Here’s a picture of us reviewing for the June 2012 board exam in Architecture:
(From L-R) Earleen, Chuading and yours truly
It was actually not in our plans to enroll in a review center, since we thought it was way too expensive and conflicts our work schedule. But then as I was on my way home riding the MRT (last February), I met my classmates in college. Conversation went from simpleng reminiscing, to the part  they’ve shared to me that they’re already reviewing for the board exam.  They told me that UAPCCD  is offering a review in a much lower price. What a blessing!!! I was actually looking for that!!! But, my mind is still in doubt till I arrived home and asked my sister. She told me that it’s a good thing to enroll in a review center so I can be pushed to study. The gullible me, agreed quickly. Then, I phone my best friend Earleen and voila, we were sitting in a room full of soon to be Architects.

The review was awesome,  I must say. We were like preschoolers. We bring baon, meet new friends. We learned things that are not taught in school. And we were trained to manage our time, since most of us are working while reviewing. Only, the other side of the coin is, we got empty pockets every sahod. haha! Well, it’s a part. And, for us to grow we got to invest. Smile 

Months passed and we’re still reviewing. Our instructors were very generous to give away all the encouragement and information they can give us including references, tips, techniques and all the more. And they were all truly encouraging in their own ways. My apologies lang po if I can’t resist myself from feeling sleepy, sometimes.

Two weeks before the board exam, we were on a panic mode. In our minds we were like, Oh no! We have so much to know pa and so little time left. Our minds were blown up already with lots and lots and lots of reviewers in front of us. We’re getting out of control. From there we decided to look for an apartment where we could isolate ourselves from the noise and distraction, but it seemed complicated and impossible for our tight budget. So we decided to have a group study held at our crib. That, for me was memorable! Since all of us are of same faith we started our review by reading God’s Word, sharing what we were feeling right then, to find out that our feelings were mutual! All of us felt insufficient, but believe me, that’s normal! Because God is in charge of filling up that part. At the end part of our group study, which I like most is, we just found ourselves singing praises to the Lord and watching the epic-Ghajini.

A week before the exam, we were still reading and scanning so much stuff. Though we knew we got to stop- as advised by our instructors, so kulit di ba? Then, 3days before the exam, we were so passive. Like no exam will happen on  Friday. 2 days, we went to mom, then to our designated school. We were also planning to watch Madagascar 3 but the schedule was too late and was conflict to our next stop- Crossover. It’s a church of one of our friends in review.  There we lifted our prayers to the Lord and whatever feeling bothered us. After the service, you asked what was my feeling then? Well, sobrang excited! Like come on! Let’s do it now! hahaha But the day before the exam, once again Mr. Worry visited me. I try not to go near my reviewers but it kept tempting me so I went out, to the Market Market. Chat with my friends. Grab a meal at Tokyo Tokyo. And met my sister so we can buy and prepare my  baon for the exam.

Examination Day 1
That’s me the Early Bird
I woke up at 3, devoted time to the Lord, took a bath and prepared my meal. I was like a toddler excited to go to the 1st day of class. And mind you, I was third on the line of the Early Birds woohooo! Congratulations to me at 4:45 AM I was already there with our call time at 6:30AM. I know, I was hyper. And, lesson learned, don’t be too excited because you will be visited by Mr. Antok during the  exam, like what happened to me.  Hindi naman sa sobrang dali ng exam, actually the exam was so unpredictable. Most of the questions are not from the reviewers/ review centers. Everything’s situational. You got to tickle the Architect in you so you can answer the BEST answer. I say the best because, all of them can be the answer but you got to choose the outstanding one. Honestly, first day subjects were the subject of my prayers to the Lord before the result was released. Before pala I went home on the first day, I with my best friends met. We made an oath not to discussed any questions and answers in the exam. If anyone talks, he/she shall pay 50php and 100php for researching the answer. Well that has been beneficial to conditioning us for the 2nd day.

Stolen shot (Me, Earl and Chuading)
Examination Day 2
I wasn’t too excited na. I arrived just exactly at 6 AM. Kwentuhan muna with friends. Then, the guard allowed us to go to our rooms and the battle started, from 8-5PM. I encountered familiar questions, thank God! And I finished by 3PM. Kwentuhan again with friends and grabbed a meal at KFC. From there, I said to the Lord, Lord may Your will be done. In my heart I was, Lord, it’s in your hands now, no matter what the result be, I will rejoice.

The Agony of Waiting
Days were like thousands of years. People at the church, at the office, especially at home were so excited of the result, and at the back of my mind I was like, oh please don’t expect too much. Well, because I knew I had a hard time answering.  My faith has been tested day by day. Each day my heart was tortured of this big question-what if I passed or the or what if it’s the other way?   I kept myself busy. I went out with friends. I read inspiring verses. I ran and hid my face to God.

The Verdict
At 5PM, friends were texting me that they’re  going home early so they won’t see the result at 7PM. Well, I on the other hand, went home at 7 o clock, trying not to expect anything. 7:15 I was about to ride the MRT, no one’s texting. 7:45, I was in the jeepney, still no messages received. My heart was like crushing little by little. Tears started to pour out. I thought, maybe, they’re hesitant of texting me that I failed. I was so negative. At 8PM, I’m on a tricycle, trying to keep my cool. At 8:30, I’m about to sleep so I can missed the bad news, if it is. Then, my phone rang, papa called me. My voice sounded so weak, like I don’t eat a decade but I was keeping the conversation.
Next thing, I received a text from my best friend. And the last thing I remember was I was jumping and jumping and bouncing. Guess what? We made it! Lalalala Smile We, all the architects who made it, were so in awe of the good news! God’s faithfulness slap me once again. He proved Himself almighty, all powerful and amazing!

The Moral
Andami e, but here’s a few in my list:
  • Faith without action is  dead. Please, I beg you, don’t go to war without muscles and gear. Do something. Prepare yourself for a battle. Study, read and make every opportunity to learn something everyday.
  • Delight yourself in the Lord, meaning, impress God. Seek Him. Obey Him. Give Him your time. After all, you need Him more than the board exam.
  • Memorize Bible verses that would keep your spirit at peace when taking the board.
  • It’s normal to worry but dear, you got to be patient and be confident of what the Lord will do. You have to trust the Lord. None but your creator knows what’s really happening within you, so trust Him and talk to Him more often. Because I am so sure that He has GREAT plans beyond our imagination.
  • Don’t forget to have fun! Don’t deprive yourself of happiness.Go out with your friends. Play your game. Watch movie. Go to spa. Eat like a pig. Laugh out loud. And for once be a kid. It’s nice to be surrounded by friends while reviewing. And believe us, it’s more effective.
  • Trust in the Lord of the result. Let your faith be bigger than your fear!
Eto pa pala…
Napatunayan ko na hindi ang pag-aalay ng itlog at pagpunta sa napakaraming simbahan ang sagot sa pag-pasa. It’s no other than FAITH tagged with ACTION and the Lord’s will for your life.