Jul 23, 2012

What to wear during the oath

I understand your dilemma (sorry guys, I am particular to ladies here). You want to look beautiful, elegant and one of a kind on the day of your oath. Now you’re looking for what to wear during the ceremony. You went to the mall and finally found your dream dress. Unfortunately the budget is tight. And all you can do is sigh and go home frustrated. Okay, first, don’t worry. You’re not alone. I’ve been through this. And I can share you how God can turn ugly things to a beautiful masterpiece. Also, I’m going to show you how to dress elegantly without getting your pockets empty.

Tip 1- Know what you want and what suits you best. It all starts in knowing what’s best on your built. And, what dresses make you comfortable wearing. If you have no idea of what’s perfect on you, you could ask help from friends and family, they know what’s beautiful on you.  They can even lend you or help you find a dress. What I wore during the oath was actually borrowed from a friend. I never thought how beautiful it was until I fit it.

Tip 2- Accessorize. But keep it simple. Do not over accessorize.  And please, if you can borrow from your mama or lola, go! Jewelries back then were more elegant.
Necklace from mama
Believe me, all these jewels  I wore were from Mama
Tip 3- Fake your height. Since I’m not that tall, solution is: wear hills. Don’t buy if you can borrow. Yes! Even my shoes are borrowed. Thanks to Ate Josielynn (one of mom’s bffs). Will return it the soonest. LOL Smile
Tip 4- Pick a  hairstyle that suits your dress and the shape of your face. No need to go to salon if you have beautiful hair naman or you can do it yourself. What I did was pull my hair up and fix it with hair pins and  Vitress. 
Tip 5- Practice your posture. Walk straight, chin up. This adds to elegant professional gorgeous looking chic you desire.

Tip 5- Wear make up that highlights your asset. What I did was put emphasis on my eyes since a lot of people  loved em. Remember focus only either on eyes, cheeks or lips. :)

Tip 6- Nothing beats a smile.  A smile attracts more than you can imagine. Let your character shine. Show them what it means to be beautiful inside out.
The Architect, check out her speech

Tip 6- Be confident. Remember, this kind of event happens once in a lifetime. So grab the moment! Own it! Smile It’s your time to shine!
My architect best friend and yours truly
Meet the New Architects! Ahooo ahoo!

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