Aug 29, 2012

Power comes in small packages, too!

Small is the new big. Think cameras, mobile phones, tablets and other gadgets. As digital technology moves fast forward in this millennial age, more and more people will be on the go; the “one-touch”, “all-in-one” system will touch more lives, making small become even smaller.

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Yes, size matters. And with highly mobile people getting more health-conscious nowadays, they need to be assured that the health benefits they get should be substantial yet easily realizable.

And specifically when it comes to oral health, carrying the small and compact Lotte Xylitol Neo Dental Health Gum becomes a big advantage.What if on certain occasions and days you are in the midst of doing an event, participating in a grueling seminar or just stuck in a whirlwind of work, and brushing or flossing is impossible to squeeze in to your tight schedule?

School is cool with Gardenia

Getting kids excited to go school everyday probably is one of the toughest task for any parent. Students may be feeling bored in taking their lessons seriously or getting challenged with the numerous activities they have to accomplish. Once in school, everything will be almost entirely different: grade level, difficult subjects, strict teachers, closed up in a classroom the whole day, or sometimes sweet or annoying seatmates. Unlike at home where they can relax, everything at school is different, different, different!


Daunting, you say, but for any child, why wouldn’t it be? Come to think of it, it’s not just the child who worries; parents, too, especially for their kids’ baon. Parents will definitely want to take charge in preparing their kids’ snacks, as they want only nutritious and safe food for them.

Good news to all the parents! Gardenia, the bread brand known for its delicious taste, freshness, softness, freshly baked aroma and nutritive value, will help you start the school year right with these delightfully delectable bread treats that every kid will surely love—and be proud to bring to school.