Sep 17, 2012

Laong Laan Musical Play Review

When my brother asked me to watch their musical play entitled Laong Laan, I didn’t have any second thoughts.  Well, It’s been a while since I last saw a musical play. I can still remember, it was also their show. And just like the previous, my brother did not fail me again.

It was last Friday, September 17 at UMAK Grand Theatre. I was with pop and ate together with her boyfie. We arrived there 6:50PM (quite late). Good thing the show started after about 10 minutes. We first sang the National anthem, the coolest part is, it was played in Spanish version. :) I just thought I could also learn to sing Lupang Hinirang in spanish as addition to my bucket list.  Smile with tongue out 

Okay, Back to Laong Laan. Well, I am not so good at making reviews, specially when my brother (or anyone I knew) is part of the show. I usually get biased eh. (Lol) Though I have a few favorite scenes which really awaken my Filipino blood ,  check out below:

1.  Little Pepe (Rizal’s nick name) conversation with his mother about the gamu-gamo (fireflies). I just love the music and how it was sung. Good job!


2.  Rizal and Leonor- courtship. 

3.  Of course I won’t miss my brother’s part. Though I can see that his voice is a bit suffering, he still gave his best! You know I love you bro! Smile

Sorry for making you look like a ghost here rather than Archbishop

4.  Kantahan sa Dapitan.I just love how the voices together with the music were combined, like I wanna dance with them! The best tong part na to!

5.  Rizal and officer (I don’t know the name-sorry not so good at history) conversation.


6.  Lastly is Rizal’s Exile. Not really him being shot ha but the scene that gave me the creeps.  I just can’t stand the gun shots, swear.

And to sum it all up, their performance was remarkable. I love the costumes, not all but majority of their actors, the lighting, the stage set up and the voicing (specially Rizal, batang Rizal, Leonor, Teodora and my brother of course). I’m just too proud how the City of Makati finance events like this to raise talented, smart and noble citizens. Ganito kami sa Makati… Smile


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