Sep 21, 2012

My Cherry Amor

Last week, God allowed the window of heaven poured out its blessings on me. I’ll be needing more space if I detail it here but here’s one slice: Someone special  just gave me a Samsung galaxy note. Oye! And I wasn’t expecting it. So imagine my joy! It was like fireworks around me, and everyone’s clapping. My heart was dancing, shalalalala. But suddenly I remember my Cherry amor; the old cherry mobile I bought 2 years ago.
My Q3i Cherry Mobile has been very good to me. It has a real loud speaker like a subwoofer, my churchmates and friends can testify to this. And it’s shock proof (in my experience huh). Plus its like a cat, once lost it can find its way home. haha! I mentioned that because many times I lost this phone, but the good thing was it always goes to those in good hands then return it back to me. How gracious God is! :) Aside rom those features, the reason I love this Cherry is, it’s the fruit of my first job- a remembrance. I know my Cherry is not the expensive one, but I value it highly.