Sep 28, 2012

Romi Garduce talks about the Cold Truth at ROX BGC

It was not part of the the plan really. But when it’s mom who asked me if I wanted to join her extreme activities, then I have no choice. But don’t give mom a bad impression here. Mom is not the very strict kontrabida type you’re thinking. In fact, she’s the coolest mom ever! And I love her. That is why even though I wasn’t feeling so good yesterday, I accompany her to go to the ROX at BGC for the Romi Garduce’s talk about “The Cold Truth”. 

Romi Garduce is the first and only Filipino who has climbed all of the 'Seven Summits’. Mountain climbers, like mom, know what I’m talking about here.
I never thought Garduce was that kind of man. I'm referring to those who are  expert at climbing mountains and not really used to talking in front of many people. But he was totally cool! He’s very funny, smart, he talks English fast (with the proper accent) and he’s a good speaker. Plus to mention, his slide presentation which was really interesting. He showed few texts and a whole lot of pictures. I took some of them. Check out:

The talk has 2 parts. One is merely talking and sharing of Romi’s experiences in alpine mountaineering, his success and failures, his trainings, struggles and the many other funny stories. The second part is the product demo, where he got to show us what equipment he uses on his alpine climb.

I was really in awe coz I was just seeing those in movies and it’s amazing that I got to see these things personally, thanks to ROX and Romi G.

I admit I’m not a total fan of this hobby coz it’s pretty expensive as you can see. But I used to climb mountains- the ones in Laguna and Quezon. And, believe me, it’s not as easy as you’re thinking! You have to be a cowboy, hindi pwede maarti! Mom and friends almost risked their lives because of people who are like that.

Also, you  need a team of great encourager plus the right equipment with you. And  as always, never forget to have a presence of mind. Romi during the talk not only focus on the struggles and the what might happen if but he focused on the victory. The part where he conquered his own personal mountain as he conquered the peak of the Mt Everest. And how those mountains changed him to a better and tougher man.

The night ended with question and answer, raffle, photo ops and shopping for those who wanted to grab items.
Mom on the question and answer portion
Ana Javier won a North Face Swiss knife
Autograph signing
Mom looking for some sale stuff
Yours truly with Romi Garduce
My souvenir photo
Of course we went home late but with us are the many lessons in life and mountaineering. Check out more photos HERE. Smile
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For more info, check out their website: