Sep 24, 2012

What is Beauty if you’re not Buffed and Polished

After so many days of contemplating, finally came up with this title, What is Beauty if you’re not Buffed and Polished? Smile What do you think? Oh please! no no, I don’t mean to sound harsh here. My point is everyone can be beautiful but not everyone can maintain their body toned and their nails polished. I mean, I’ve encountered a lot of successful people with very beautiful faces but still feel insecure. Why? Because they got arms and thighs like amazonas.  But we can’t blame them for the love of food.  Another encounter was the too-busy-for-nail polished people and I admit I’m guilty of this. Good thing, I got to visit a spa that covered both. Buffed and Polished Nail Lounge, thank you big time!

Buffed and Polished Nail Lounge is a spa that offers a variety of services from face down to the foot. And amazingly, I got to try both. For the face I had the face contour and for my feet, foot spa with pedicure. But as a lover of home designs, I had to do my rituals first-Photos.
The first thing you’ll see as you walk inside the spa
Here’s where the session took place
Usually when I go to spa, I easily get the feeling of being hypnotized with the aroma and the music, but in here, just the feeling of being home makes you want to stay more. Plus the people are nice especially Genna. I liked how she handled my construction worker feet. (Lol)
start off

Shown above are the preparation to my foot spa session. By the way, if you’re planning to visit Buffed and Polished Nail Lounge, bring a charger. They have a fast WiFi and an outlet on each chair, unfortunately my battery got drained and I got no charger.
Okay, back to the foot spa. Below is the step by step procedure my feet went through. Genna was very careful, she even asked if the pressure is enough or was it hurting me. She was also informing me of what products she’s applying and what it does. Good job Genna!
I think pink is not a good choice but she applied it nicely naman so no problem
face contour
And as I’ve mentioned, on my face I tried the face contour. Check out above image. Genna told me that many celebrities would rather have this technology than Botox. Well, maybe because face contour doesn’t hurt compared to Botox. Just imagine a circular stainless thing plus a gel being massaged on your face. And that’s it, after 6-8 sessions, you’re face will look more fine and more structured. A lot of artists have tried this and they look perfectly normal. Believe me, after the session, I feel like more of an artista na than an architect.Smile

Okay, I know you’re curious about the cost, well here’s a price list of their services for you to check.

Aside from the above services, Buffed and Polished also have cellutone with ultradiode slim which is applicable on abdomen, Arms and thighs. So for women who really wanted to tone down some fats, you gotta be rushing now.
For appointments or inquiry visit their FB Page.
Or you can go directly to:
Unit 108, Eastside Condominium 121 Malakas St. Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Open from 11am-9pm daily
Contact Numbers: 4418704 or 09173862098
Special Thanks to: Mhaze, owner of Buffed and Polished Nail Lounge, for the warm welcome, Shekinah A for organizing the event and Marco for coming along.