Oct 31, 2012

Exciting 5K Run with the Red Crab

In line with my 2012 plans to be healthy, I decided to join sister on her first run with the Red Crab on November 25, 2012.

This Red Crab 5K Run will be the first running and eating event in the country, so we didn’t hesitate to register. Not because of the eating part but the running, as this will be our first run together. Woot woot! And we are very very much excited to finish and grab the 5K medal of success!haha Smile


Oct 13, 2012

For the love of swimming

Swimming, compared to all the other sports, is my ever favorite! When I’m swimming, I seem to enter into a different dimension. I feel at peace when swimming, excited when water starts to run through my skin and overwhelmed as I glide. They say chocolate is my comfort food, then I can say pool is my comfort place. Makati Aquatic Sports Arena (MASA) in particular is my playground. It’s where I feel comfortable the most. I am not promoting here but you can see yourself or through my pictures how cool the place is.

MASA has 2 pools. The one near the entrance is 4ft deep, I guessed. This is those who are not used to doing laps. The larger pool found on the other side is 5-6ft deep.
This is the pool for your kiddos and the kids at heart. Sister used to undergo training here but now shifted to the larger pool. Yey!
That’s the larger pool. That’s 50 meters in length. Swimmers here must wear proper swimwear and a cap (for maintenance purposes). Fret not if you miss to bring one, they have rentals for only 10 pesos.
That’s the waiting shed in front of the pool. People leave their belongings there where they could see it all the time. Mom used to sit there those days when she’s still accompanying me. Now I can go there and swim on my own. Thanks to her confidence haha!
Worry not because stairs is provided every 25 meters. Smile Plus a lifeguard on duty! So no means of drowning, I guessed. 
That’s sister doing her freestyle.
And I exhausted, after the 1000m swim. Oh by the way, special thanks to daddy Gords (one of mom’s good friends) for sharing his wonderful Speedo goggles that so fit my eyes. See below.
MASA is open Tuesdays to Sundays up to 8pm
Entrance is  P50 for Makati Residents &
P150 for Non Makati Residents

Oct 1, 2012

Shopping Galore at Bel Air Flea Market

Christmas is just around the corner! Bazaars are everywhere. People are switching to the panic buying mode. And I, along with mom and sis, went shopping affordably! Oh! Did I just mentioned affordably? Of course, with everything going on in our economy, who wouldn’t want to buy affordable stuff? So let me share you my shopping galore at Bel Air Flea Market last September 29, 2012.


Shopping that day was actually not in the plan but mom (the mastermind and the tempter) gave us a ring. And after 30 minutes, we found ourselves picking stuff.