Nov 15, 2012

Global Pinoy Bazaar at Rockwell Tent

Truly I can say, It’s worth buying for! Pinoy products deserve a big big round of applause in the 8th Global Bazaar 2012 held at Rockwell Tent last November 10-11, 2012. So far I can say it’s the best I attended for the month of November, thanks to Mark for the free passes, I don’t have to go shopping alone.


These are just few of the many products showcased in the 8th Global Bazaar. There were bunch of shoes of any kinds, jewelries, food, furniture, scrapbooks, clothing, wallets, bags, name it! They had it all for a reasonable price. Smile


Moi, Sis, Mom and Kuya Marky


Kuya Marky and his cool new shirt

Since each blogger got an invite can bring a number of friends, I invited mom together with her officemates to come along. And it seemed that they enjoyed the Global Bazaar as well. Mom grab a shirt, soap and a bracelet while kuya Marky brought her wifey a magazine and a shirt. Sister also got herself a shirt. And I, brought a delightful pastries from Sweet Revenge, a shirt from Linya Linya and a string bag from Flipped out Cockatoos. An early Pinoy Christmas gifts to ourselves. Smile


 Sweet Revenge


String bag from Flipped out Cockatoos


Sketches posted at the Linya Linya booth


Pasensya shirt from Linya Linya


Sister and I together with the Linya Linya duo

I love the story behind these duo who created the Linya Linya tees. And wearing this funny shirt is just so cool! haha! I better start my own designs soon!

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