Nov 16, 2012

Wild Encounter at Power Plant Mall, Rockwell

After long hours walking in the 8th Global Bazaar, we dropped by at the nearest Power Plant Mall to freshen up a bit and grab a meal before going home. I never thought our sudden stop-by turned out to be the highlight of my day where mom was the mastermind! She brought us to encounter the Wild in the City! Wild creatures such as panda bear, polar bear, a white tiger and a (not so wild) penguin. Oh! but don’t panic, these adorable wild animals are harmless.

C360_2012-11-10-18-59-23   C360_2012-11-10-18-57-54

Yep, harmless, you heard me right! Because, well , they seemed real but they aren’t. They’re just moving, thanks to technology. Plus they’re life sized, I cant resist to hug em all. Boy, I wish I could bring them home. But I can only have few minutes to be with them.


The moment was precious! It’s like being a kid again. Though funny it was how people were staring at us because we’re the only adult who pose with the display. Most are kids. And we? Kids at heart Smile

C360_2012-11-10-18-57-46   C360_2012-11-10-18-56-56

Check out more photos. Some are really funny!

C360_2012-11-10-18-56-48   C360_2012-11-10-18-49-40

C360_2012-11-10-18-49-56   C360_2012-11-10-18-55-32

C360_2012-11-10-18-54-21   C360_2012-11-10-18-52-22


If you want to check out the display, you may visit at Powerplant Mall level 2 near National Book Store. Contact me if you want a guide hehe Smile

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