Apr 8, 2013

It Takes a Man and a Woman Movie Review

Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz nailed it! Their 3rd movie installment made it blockbuster once again. It takes a man and a woman was a hit. Good job to the cast and crew!


We watched It takes a man and a woman last night, April 6 at Market Market, Taguig. I swear it was epic! We were supposed to watched it at 7pm, but the 7pm slot was already full so we got the 930pm.I know! 2 hours of waiting. We honestly hate waiting, especially mom. Ask my sibs and they’ll agree, big time. But good thing, the movie was fun. Sarah was so hilarious,as usual, and John Lloyd Cruz made his acting to the next level, well both of them. So, I commend their tandem and all the cast and crew, once again.

The story was about Laida Magtalas and Miggy Montenegro and their funny romantic lovestory  . Part 1 and 2 were really ka- kilig and quite light compared to their 3rd installment, which made many viewers heartbroken at the beginning. I was once of the many who cried on some parts. Angganda kase ng twist. Their lovestory wasn’t much of the focus. The theme of the movie was failure, revenge, forgiveness, trust and love.

Miggy failed Laida on their relationship. Laida got away to New York to move on and be successful. Their character turned upside down when Laida went back to the Philippines as a consultant of Miggy’s dying company. Working together made them feel unease (since Miggy was with another girl), annoyed and once again, in lala-love. Smile 

Spoiler: They got married in the end. :) You must see how Miggy proposed to Laida at the airport. Kilig to the highest level!!! Musical ang peg.

To top it all, I love the story, the leading and the supporting characters, the drama and comedy, and all except the editing which wasn’t really impressive. But overall, the movie was worth our money. No doubt why people still love Sarah and John Lloyd. And also, I commend Belle for her acting. She didn’t fail us. Good job also to Matet De leon, Gio Alvarez and Joross Gamboa. They were the funny friends who made us laugh really hard. And the family of Laida, especially the parents, nakaka-move ang acting.

At the end of the movie, mom told nothing bad about it. And were glad of her unusual comment. Well, maybe because she sees Sarah G. in me, sometimes. Sometimes, okay? Smile Anyway, to those who are planning to watch, go ahead, don’t think twice, it’s a good movie for the whole family and you will learn something from it. 

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