Apr 25, 2013

Would You Dare Grow One Million Trees in 5 Years?

If you will be challenged to grow a million trees in five years, would you accept it?

"SM's campaign for a healthier and greener earth has never been this big.",says Mr Joey Mendoza, president of SM Retail’s supermarkets division, on his declaration of the start of the Y2013 Grow a Million Trees. 

For years, SM has been an advocate of environmental conservation. The structures have evolved as the way new structures are designed not for aesthetics alone. They are designed  in such a way that it also contributes to SM's vision.

SM has a well-planned waste disposal system in every SM facility. SM has always been at the forefront of protecting and rehabilitating the planet. Programs for reforestation, coastal clean-ups and other environmental efforts have been created.

SM Supermarket, SM Hypermarket and Savemore's "Join the My Own Bag (Join the MOB) Campaign" initiated year 2009 as part of the vision of the Sy family to intensify its commitment to the 3Rs – Reduce, Re-Use and Recycle

It was a bold move for SM Supermarket to take but SM was determined and prepared to endure the birth pains of pioneering such a program that aims to change aims the shopping habits of SM customers in exchange for the welfare of the environment.

 SM Group of Companies and affiliates in the presence of DENR (Department of Environment and Natural Resources) representatives drafted and signed a commitment to Grow A Million Trees, last April 22 at SM the Block, SM North, inline to the celebration of Earth Day 2013.

The program was not just focus on a few responsible Pinoy but to the majority who has been a fan of SM. The aim is to encourage more people (consumer) to bring their own reusable bags in exchange for incentives for doing this. SM charged the costumers for every plastic bag request with a super minimal fee. SM pushed the campaign that the people see the importance of being an environmental friendly everyday. "No day off", according to DENR Representative. 

As of today, there are already 13 million people who regularly use the SM Greenbags preventing 39 million plastic bags from being released in circulation. This only shows that every consumer plays a big role in this challenge. Every time you buy at SM, is actually where the challenge begins. Would you dare accept it?  

You asked where does the money charged for every plastic bags goes? Well, according to Mr Mendoza, the money raised during the M.O.B days have already begun funding several tree plantings and clean-ups nationwide. He added, "...but this time we've dreaming bigger. Just try to imagine how much trees we're targeting not just to plant but to nurture and to ensure that they grew into full healthy trees. 1 million trees! That's enough trees to fill 500 soccer fields or almost 8500 basketball courts.”

To ensure the longevity of the trees, SM will be planting them in DENR protected areas located in provinces: Nasugbu, Benguet, Calatagan, Cagayan De Oro, Banatocan, Bulacan, Cebu and Davao.
To date, the SM Group of Companies and Affiliates have already reached a third of the goal since 2009. They successfully planted almost 300,000 trees.

 #SMEcoBags new designs

Now I want to quote what Mr Mendoza said in his declaration, “The campaign rests in our hands; you, me, everybody. The key to success is for us to work together towards one goal,”.

His message was quite piercing, like he was directly speaking to me. Everyone who attended was somehow challenged that day to do something for the environment. But the fact is all consumers are involved in this challenge. We all are responsible to whatever God has created.

The event was also participated with some environmental groups who showcased their products and programs for those who are serious to becoming a more responsible citizen. Below are the photos at the event:

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