Jul 21, 2013

Fun filled Bloggers Quiz Night at Grilla Bar

Who are fans of quiz night here? Raise your hands! Oh, I see a LOT (including me, of course).

Quiz night in Manila is not a new concept. Spot.ph shared her addicting experience in 2009- the earliest date I saw online. Many bars and restaurants are already into quiz night not just to attract customers but also to make their dining experience worthwhile.

Last night, I attended a fun filled bloggers night at Grilla Bar in Makati City with no idea how the event would turn out. Oh well, I know it’s a food event where we can taste their food and tell others about the experience. But what I don’t know was how fun it was to attend a quiz night.

Grilla Bar & Grill in Makati City is located along Kalayaan Avenue near Rockwell. Since it looked near on Google map, I decided to walk from JP Rizal Ave to the venue. Guess what? I arrived a little late. Quite a long walk it was, good thing the warm lighting combined with the wooden furniture welcomed me- just what I needed to calm down.

The night started with meet and greet with fellow bloggers, followed by prayer, dinner, then it’s quiz night. The game has 2 rounds, easy and hard. Both are mind boggling to me, swear! I tried to dig answers but my brain can’t find it. I did answer a few easy questions (without the help of Google haha!) but hard questions were mostly not familiar to me like “what event shut down Twitter in 2009”. Whew! At least, I know now it was Michael Jackson’s death.

At the end of the game, everyone looked puzzled until the emcee announced the winner. Sadly its not our team but I enjoyed the quiz night and how it challenged me to revenge. haha!

Here are some of the photos I took during the event. Feel free to drool.Smile with tongue out    

DSC05670DSC05651 DSC05652 DSC05658DSC05673DSC05656 DSC05659 DSC05654 DSC05661DSC05655 DSC05664 DSC05667 DSC05671 DSC05669 DSC05666 DSC05663DSC05679 DSC05681 DSC05683

(L-R) The Chef behind Grilla’s appetizing treats, Me and Aleah of Solitary Wanderer (finally met her, yey!) and the quiz night featuring the winning team’s rear side  

The night ended announcing the winners and presenting a restaurant finder app by Zomato. This app is best recommended to people who are always on to go. The app gives you the best restaurants (including what’s in their menu) around your current location, whether you’re in India, United Kingdom (London), UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah), Philippines (Manila), South Africa (Johannesburg), Qatar (Doha) and Sri Lanka (Colombo).

Special thanks to Aldous of Aldousatetheworld for inviting me to this awesome bloggers quiz night. To get more updates, like Clumsy Clariss FB Page. See you on the next quiz night!

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