Jul 3, 2013

The Apprentice Asia TeamPH

Competition’s getting stiffer, Tony is being more aggressive and all the remaining contenders, including Jonathan Yabut and Celina Le neindre of #teamPH, are fighting hard for the sole title, THE Apprentice Asia.

Last Friday, we had the chance to meet in person 2 of the aspiring apprentice, Jonathan #aaJon and Celina #aaCelina, in a Bloggers Night at Papa John’s, Quezon City. That night, I never had the idea of the reality TV show, how it goes, what’s it all about, no clue. But the moment these 2 spoke in front of us about their experiences, struggles, successes and realizations, I was already confident that one of them can bring home the title. And, funny thing is, brother and I were already itchy to watch the first few episodes.

382528_612519642125982_1907913787_nL-R: Jonathan Yabut, Juan Hapito, Moi and Celina Le neindre. Photo credit: ManualtoLife

Watching them fight the good fight in the Apprentice Asia made me beyond proud. Both are on fire but of different approach.

Jonathan is the aggressive guy. He knew the game. He’s determined to win. And his eyes are fixed on the prize. That’s what I admire about him and I know, he already has what it takes to win the game. Some finds him irritating on the show but I like that he’s straight forward. I also like that he’s focus on his goal in every episode. 

Celina has a different style. She’s charming, calm, witty and very Pinay. Plus, she knew when and how to attack when the situation asks. I also like her creative contribution to every task. And, if you think she’s  the spoiled rich-girl type, she’s not. She’s very very friendly, down to earth, so simple. She talked to most of us and  I see the sincerity in her.

These two different persona is now on the remaining 6. Five (5) were already fired and one resigned. Who’s going next? See it on AXN, every Wednesday, 9PM (8PM JKT/TH)  

Let's support and shout out for the #teamPH . Visit AXN Asia The Apprentice Asia's website to vote.

Celina Le Neindre
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Jonathan Allen Yabut
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