Sep 27, 2013

Live, Love and Join the battle against Cervical Cancer

When X means Love, a new campaign recently launched to increase awareness of Cervical Cancer, the second most common cancer among women in the country, with an estimated 4,800 mothers, daughters, wives, and girl friends diagnosed each year. Every day, there are 12 Filipino women who die from this disease.


Relient K rocks Ayala Malls with their latest album Collapsible Lung

Relient K- the Grammy nominated band who has over two million records sold, two Dove Awards and three RIAA Gold certified albums is about to rock your favorite Ayala malls with their latest album, Collapsible Lung.

Yes, you read that right. Relient K is now in the Philippines! And I just met the two Matt’s of the Band; Matt Hoopes and Matt Thiessen, yesterday at the OZ Bar Holiday Inn & Suites Makati for the meet and greet for media and bloggers.

Sep 18, 2013

Sharks and Rays Encounter: yet another dream come true at the Manila Ocean Park

Sharks; you watch them in movies with razor sharp teeth, gigantic jaws and killer instincts. They are fast, scary and ruthless to their victims. Rays on the other hand are less frightening until the news about the death of Steve Irwin (the famous crocodile hunter), who believed to be struck by stingrays barb in the heart, went out and shocked the world. No wonder the very thought of these two freaking creatures strikes fear in most of us.

Now, who would dare to meet them face-to-fin, raise your hands!

I’m raising both hands including feet. Hell yeah I’m afraid, who isn’t anyway? But sharks and rays encounter is yet another dream for me. Who wouldn’t want a dream come true or should I say a life changing experience? After all, these two, are still God’s beloved creations.


An outdoor view at the Sharks and rays encounter

Sep 10, 2013

Master Chefs 2013 Barangay Cooking Challenge is On!

Do you have that strong desire to cook and create experimental recipes? Do you find yourself so creative every time you’re in a kitchen setting? Does cooking even the simplest meal make you on fire? Do you hear a ring every time you witness a cooking challenge? Well, then I guess this is a good news for you. Because you can now put your cooking creativity to the test as SM Hypermarket launched this year’s Master Chefs 2013 Barangay Cooking Challenge.

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Master Chefs highlights the everyday excellence displayed by carinderias, canteens, food stalls, and home kitchens in making exquisite dishes. These places produce exactly what Pinoys crave for simply because these cooks desire to eat the same masterpieces they create. And because they have truly captured Filipino taste, the barangay chefs are this year’s focus.

Master Chefs 2013 Barangay Cooking Challenge launched last September 5, 2013 marked the start of cooking competitions to be held in all 37 SM Hypermarkets nationwide. The Barangay Cooking Idol introduces something new. It is a competition open not only to anyone who cook well, they should have other talents too. Those who aspire to become Master Chefs must incorporate a routine that wows the crowd. They could sing, dance, act, anything amazing is welcome. At the end of it all, Master Chefs 2013 will introduce a new breed of super chefs that are not only exemplary cooks but also talented individuals.