Sep 27, 2013

Relient K rocks Ayala Malls with their latest album Collapsible Lung

Relient K- the Grammy nominated band who has over two million records sold, two Dove Awards and three RIAA Gold certified albums is about to rock your favorite Ayala malls with their latest album, Collapsible Lung.

Yes, you read that right. Relient K is now in the Philippines! And I just met the two Matt’s of the Band; Matt Hoopes and Matt Thiessen, yesterday at the OZ Bar Holiday Inn & Suites Makati for the meet and greet for media and bloggers.

Here are some facts you should know about Relient K:

  1. Relient K was named after Matt T Reliant crappy car. The band is composed of John Warne (bass guitar), Matt Thiessen (guitar/vocals/pianist/songwriter), John Schneck (guitar), Matt Hoopes (lead guitar/vocals) and Ethan Luck (drums).
  2. They started as a highschool band in 1997, was known for their distinct Christian rock style. Now they are trying fresh new sound with more catchy tunes and bright vocal melodies.
  3. Currently, they already produced chart-topping hits from its 6 full length albums, 5 EPs and a Christmas record
  4. 2004 when they first entered mainstream and release their album titled “Mmhmm”. Yes, they like weird album titles. :p
  5. Most of their songs are inspired by personal experiences.
  6. Matt Thiessen (front man) also had songwriting collaboration for top pop hits like Good time, Long Shot and When can I see you again (Remember, Wreck it Ralph?)

The program was hosted by VJ Chino of MYX asking the band a few questions about their new album, Collapsible Lung.

Delivered a thoughtful message from Relient K pinoy fan

Vibrant looking Matt Hoopes and Matt Thiessen

DSC07043Autographed Relient K latest Album, Collapsible Lung

Collapsible Lung has 12 buzz-worthy songs effortlessly evoke a free-spirited vibe. Some of the feel-good songs under this album are “Don’t Blink”, “If I Could Take You Home” and “Boomerang”. Also for this album, Relient K has collaborated with some genius writers like Fernando Garibay (Lady Gaga), Ari Levine (Cee Lo Green, Bruno Mars), Evan Bogart (Beyonce, Rihanna) and Tim Pagnotta (lead singer/writer for Sugarcult).

Most of their songs in the album are really good heart tugging music but my personal favorites are Can’t complain and Collapsible Lung since I am a big fan of easy laid back kind of music. This is really good played at the beach while drinking fresh buko juice.(Lol)

And oh! Good news to the fans, you can listen to Relient K live, here are their schedule of performances:

  • September 27, 6:00 PM - Market! Market! Activity Center
  • September 28, 4:00 PM - Alabang Town Center Activity Center & 6:30 PM - Glorietta 5 Atrium
  • September 29, 6:00 PM - Trinoma Activity Center

Truly, with AyalaMalls, a vibrant entertainment scene is available for everyone to enjoy - anytime!

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