Nov 14, 2013

Declutter your home before Christmas season

Decluttering your home before Christmas season is one thing to cross off in your to do list in preparation for the year to come. Imagine a clutter-free, organized and relaxing environment with your family on Christmas eve. Who wouldn't want that?

The thing is, decluttering is easier said than done. Look around. Just in time the super typhoon Yolanda hit the Philippines is as good as your messy drawers loaded closets, storage bins, or perhaps your entire room. You don’t know what else to do because no matter how many times you organized your stuff, it all lead to disaster.

TooMuchStuffPhoto credit: Patchespaws

Like in my case, decluttering is one tough job because I have a lot of things from clothes, books, accessories, bags, hats, stuff toys, souvenirs, shoes, pictures, name it. And, they're all over my tiny space, driving me crazy. Sometimes I wish I could give them all away easily and just grab the important. But, when i started cleaning, I realized, most of these items were given to me by mom, my family, friends- which to me are too important to be thrown away.

Good thing, there are many specialists in the marketplace like Seville Classics that help people sort their stuff and stay organized without throwing them all away. I’m pretty sure items like desk organizer, office file carts, storage bins, durable shelving, laundry sorter are just few of what you need for your decluttering project.  Also, they have quality and innovative products from homes to businesses including shelving for your sports equipment, boxes of donations and other recyclable materials. Better list them down so when you’re ready, it will be easier.

Remember, Christmas season is just around the corner. Gifts will soon come. You will have another set of new clothes, gadgets, shoes and a lot more. So don't wait till next year to clean up. Giveaway those you don’t really need or better yet donate to the victims of super typhoon Yolanda. Giving is the real essence of our celebration. Declutter now before another wave of things pin you down! 

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