Apr 30, 2014

Advanced Make Up Course at BCK


Because I felt the basic make up course I took last year awakened the sleeping giant in me, I thought why not go for the advanced class. So when payday arrived, I purchased a voucher on Beeconomic and next thing I knew, I was sitting in a class for my advanced make up course at BCK (Beauty Crafts by Kiran).

Funny I was the early bird at our class. Much excitement I guessed. The rest arrived after 5-15 minutes.  Kimberly Ann (KirAn) who looked more like an Indian lady than filipina was our teacher. She has this big authoritative voice. She first gave us a quick overview of the basics. I learned that from another class, not of hers. Though I liked her style.

The discussion of the advanced class was a bit fast, but I liked it actually so we can focus on practical application. What I also loved about her style was when she shared us techniques  learned through time and experience.

Some of the things I learned from her was the open and close banana for eye make up. The different make up look, from smokey to doll to vintage.


Demo of doll and vintage look by Kiran

While doing the demo, I noticed that she already mastered applying make up to different faces. Her hands are fast and knew what to do next. I liked to adapt that skill!

After the demo, she gave us few minutes to let our models wash their faces. Then, it’s show time!


Models started tying their hair while our eyes searched on the make up to use.

My model was no other than my beloved short tempered mom. She has this habit of taking control of any situation in her hands. She’s a bully, in short. So imagine my situation with her on the make up chair? Almost close to a thriller movie. Haha! (Love you mom!) Good thing somehow she managed to control her bad habit.  And, good idea I did the smokey look on her while the rest did the doll look on their models.

Of all the students, I was the most slow and steady. I learned that in my basic make up. Never hustle! Take your time. Know what you are doing. Take it slow and sure. (for beginners, only.)

So, you want to see what I did to mom? Here:


The model and the haggard MUA Smile


Kiran commenting on my work

According to her, she liked what I did only that, I could have defined the eye brows more to make it more gorgeous. She also taught few tips on contouring. But all in, she loved it. And I’m happy with the result. That’s all that matters.


 Kiran with the student-MUA

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