Apr 29, 2014

Candidates for Miss Teen Earth and Little Miss Earth Philippines

Miss Teen Earth Candidates

1. Mary Joy Ramos, 16 years old from Sorsogon city. She has a penchant for thrilling movies (particularly slasher flicks) and admits to often daydreaming about her future life.

2. Jhoanna Jane Layos, 16 years old from Cebu. loves to play volleyball and badminton and wants to  be a diabetologist someday because of his lolo. Is a home buddy and hates dishonest people.

3. Jasmine Hodges, 14 years old from Laguna. Flattered to be Andi Eigenmann look alike. Likes basketball and dreams of playing with Jeron Teng. Afraid of deep unclear waters because of whales but dreams of becomming a vet one day.

4. Charlene Louise Beltran, 15 years old and Manila. Proud to be Cavitena and proud to be palaban. Loves to play the guitar and loves to read. And has a big crush on Daniel Padilla

5. Merry Grace Tubelleja, 17 years old from Iloilo. Describes herself as small but terrible. Has curfew up to now, wants to hype Iloilo as a beautiful city.

6. Shawntel Michole Cruz, 17 years old from Baguio. A home buddy who loves to sketch. She's a leader of the youth ministry. She dreams of being a songwriter and a fashion designer. Hates backstabbers.

7. Marie Shane Ortega, 15 years old from Cebu. Has a fear of heights. Admits she's boyish because she acts like a boy and eats like a boy at home.

8. Jasmine Carla Famoso, 14 years old from Iloilo. loves to sing and play badminton. She admits that she's easily mad sometimes and sometimes compares herself to the hulk.


9. Deanne Patricia Carmel Perez , 17 years old from San Juan. She wants to be an author someday. She dreams of writing novels. She loves nicholas sparks and john green. She's doing for her mentor, her sister who was a former model but now has stage 4 cancer.

10. Angeliza Navajo, 16 years old from Misamis Oriental. She loves to draw cartoons, has a huge crush on dingdong dantes and loves to bond with friends.

11. Zoe Stephanson, 15 years old from Las Pinas. Her peers call her the "Noisy Valedictorian" because even if she's noisy in class, she still gets good grades. She's currently taking up BS Nursing at UP Manila and dreams of being a general surgeon someday.

12. Candise Bero, 15 years old from Davao. She confesses that she had a hard life in Papua New Guinea. She was once held at gunpoint and nearly assaulted. She comes from a broken family and admits she was raised by her yaya and was often bullied because of her skin color growing up. But amidst all her troubles, she finds solace in her faith which is further strengthened by constantly reading the Bible.

13. Bea Aquino, 17 years old from oves to bake and dreams of having a travel agency one day because at a very young age she got to see Europe, North America and Asia. She's a fan of Greek Mythology and admits to being of NMSB (no manliligaw since birth). But there was a guy she fell inlove with, but she was friend zoned then when she joined this pageant the guy tried to win her back but then she friend zoned him.

14. Francesca Taruc, 15 years old from Pampanga likes reading short stories and dreams of falling inlove one day with the right guy. She likes to bike on her free time.

15. Ruby Ann Quizzagan, 16 years old from Caloocan city. She likes to relax and go to the spa. She admits to being masungit when provoked. Looks up to the real and candid Angel Locsin. She is a Tourism student.

16. Vanessa Walters, 14 years old from Cebu. She is friendly and sociable because she loves having fun with new friends. Hails from Australia and wants to make the Philippines as clean and as green as her other homeland.

17. Ella Lubag, 17 years old from Sta. Rosa Laguna. She is a Chemical Engineering student who dreams of becoming an astronaut and scientist. She likes to play the violin in her free time. She may be quiet sometimes but she says she's not shy. To her, being silent means she's just being observant of her surroundings and peers.

18. Kryzza Hilay, 17 years old from Iloilo city, has quite a lot of modeling experience. She keeps a virtual diary and wants to be a writer by profession someday. She admits to being secretive and wants to find a guy whose taller than her--which she admits might be quite difficult.

19.  Ahtisa Manalo, 16 years old from Candelaria Quezon. loves to read thriller books and wants to be a public accountant. She also loves to sketch, has a weakness for chinito cuties and thinks here greatest weakness is that she trusts too easily.

20. Stephanie Pasion, 15 years old from Davao admits she is flattered to be dubbed a "Shamcey Supsup lookalike." Tags herself as quirky and odd sometimes and admits her comfort food is balut.

Little Miss Earth Candidates 

1. Bethany Ramos, 5 years old from Cagayan de Oro city. Loves to dance and sing. She wants to be a doctor someday and idolizes beauty queens Shamcey Supsup and Venus Raj.

2. Shaina Rodriguez, 4 years old from Naga city. She dreams of being a beauty queen and doctor someday. Her biggest idol is Lea Salonga.

3. Maeca Bermas, 6 years old from Camrines Sur. She dreams of becoming a doctor and a beauty queen someday. She loves to sing, dance and recite poetry. Her idols are Ariella Arida and Anne Curtis.

4. Hanna Savellano, 6 years old from Bulacan longs to one day become a beauty queen just like Megan Young. She loves to sing, dance and act. She also idolizes Jennifer Lopez.

5. Azaiesha Abellana, 5 years old from Bataan. Dreams of becoming a teacher someday. She loves reciting poetry, singing and dancing. Her idols include Marian Rivera, Carla Abellana and Janine Tugonon.

6. Victoria Wallace, 6 years old from Pampanga. Dreams of becoming a model and singer. She loves to sing, dance and model. Her all-time idol is Katy Perry

7. Nasreen Rahhal, 7 years old from Makati City. She dreams of being a doctor and commercial model someday. She loves to sing and dance. She claims to be Taylor Swift's biggest fan.

8. Tyra Pilapil, 7 years old from Iloilo city is determined to finish her studies and dreams of becoming a beauty queen someday. Her talents include declamation, dancing and singing. She idolizes Tyra Banks and Megan Young.

9. Bernadette Datu, 6 years old from Bataan. She dreams of being a doctor, fashion designer, artist and model someday. Loves to sing, draw and act. She idolizes beauty queens Megan Young and Shamcey Supsup.

10. Keanna Nagales, 8 years old from Bulacan. She dreams of becoming a teacher. She loves to sing and dance. Her idols include Venus Raj and Sarah Geronimo.

11. Krystal Brimner, 7 years old from Laguna dreams of becoming a beauty queen, loves to sing, dance and act. She likes Solenn Heusaff and Shamcey.

12. Anne Gaza, 8 years old from Pampanga dreams of becoming a supermodel someday. Her talents include dancing, singing and modeling. Looks up to Tyra Banks and Anne Curtis.

13. Joyce Angedan, 8 years old from Batangas. Dreams of becoming a lawyer and beauty queen someday just like Megan Young. She loves to sing and dance.

14. Huezine Ciar, 7 years old  from Quezon dreams of being a doctor. She loves to sing and dance and idolizes Anne Curtis, Marian Rivera, Shamcey Supsup.

15. Candesse Bartolome, 8 years old from Davao dreams of becoming a beauty queen just like her idols Shamcey Supsup and Megan Young. She loves to sing, dance and model.

16. Alexis Navarro, 9 years old from Bulacan. Dreams of becoming a star someday. Her talents include dancing, acting, modeling and doing magic tricks. She is a big fan of Marian Rivera, Megan Young and Shamcey Supsup.


17. Joseayn Albasin, 8 years old from Cagayan de Oro City dreams of traveling around the world and becoming a dermatologist someday. Her talents include singing, dancing, acting and rapping.

18. Chyquie Uy, 9 years old from Davao dreams of becoming a beauty queen and flight attendant one day. Her talents include acting, singing, dancing and martial arts. Celebrity idols are Kim Chiu, Carla Aballena and beauty queen Bea Rose Santiago.

19. Juviel Viado, 9 years old from Baguio dreams of traveling to other countries particularly to the USA. Her talents include dancing and drawing. And she idolizes Marian Rivera and Kristen Stewart.

20. Jhiara Episioco, 9 years old from Quezon City. She is determined to finish her studies and wants to be an earth ambassador for mother earth. Her celebrity Idols include Kathryn Bernardo and Shamcey Supsup.

For more information, visit http://www.missteenearth.ph/

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