May 29, 2014

10 Epic Puerto Galera Moments

White Beach, Puerto Galera Mindoro Philippines White Beach, Puerto Galera

My Puerto Galera getaway happened a month ago when the bestfriend impulsively asked if I want to go to the beach. My feet were itching to travel so without a second thought, I agreed. And the next thing we knew was, we were on a rush to catch a bus going to Batangas Port.  

The things we experienced in Puerto Galera, White Beach to be exact, were too funny and epic not to share with friends. So here I am sharing my 10 Epic Puerto Galera Moments. Feel free to comment your thoughts. 

1. Left by the last trip

It was April 1 when we decided that we, Cristina (the bestfriend) and I, both wanted to go to the beach. We asked our friends along. Our 2 other friends agreed and planned to meet in Guadalupe. We said to be there exactly to make it to the last ferry trip.  Guessed what? We almost made it. Almost. We forgot it’s April Fools!
Galera (2 of 157) Batangas Port Terminal 

2. Paranoid night at a lodge in Batangas 

Since we did not make it to the last trip, we decided to find the nearest and cheapest lodging  around Batangas Port. We find a seemingly nice lodging, thanks to the tricycle driver who brought us there. It’s affordable and comes with a non working wifi, not so clean bed sheets, broken shower and a sleepless night because of the sound at the door knob, not sure if they were just checking on us or some bad guys planning to do some bad stuff. But, that we’re not sure so we opt to sleep on shift.

Good thing we were still in good piece when we woke up.

3. On the spot lodge hunt

I was telling you, our getaway was all on the spot. And yes, including our lodging. Lucky, we found a nice one. It was Myra and Medelaines Place, you can check it here. The care taker was pretty nice too. I had a minute of conversation with the owners (couple) who are foreigners because we made tawad (haggle).  If I knew about it I could have baon a lot of english words in my pocket prior.

Galera (154 of 157) Myra and Medelaines Place

4. Travel in 2 

Because our 2 friends tricked us, we went on vacation like a couple. Yes, just the two of us. But no malice guys, we’re both straight individuals. And travelling solo or in 2 makes a trip more expensive because you don’t have anyone to share expenses with. Like when you rent a lodging, or eat or go on a tour. Stuff like that can be cheaper when shared.

Galera (70 of 157) Me and Cristina
5. Drunk foreign guy

Since we were 2 ladies travelling in a beach full of tourists and travelers, meeting new people is fine, as we thought. Then came a drunk foreign guy next to my friend. He was starting a conversation, maybe trying to see if we're interested with him. Of course we replied as a respect but since he was drunk we did not bother to talk that much. Then he left in a nice way.

6. First body massage on the beach 

Because we thought we can refund our last night at the lodging, we decided to get a good dinner and a relaxing massage. It was my first massage on the beach and the funny thing was, the massage therapist asked me to take off my top on the beach where many people walk through. I know! But then I thought, for the sake of my tired body and first time in Puerto Galera I will do it.  :)

Body Massage on the beach First Body Massage on the beach

By the way, we did not get the refund. But we did a great massage ever!

7. Scary Jump 

As we arrived at the white beach, this boat called Liki Tiki (a floating bar) caught my attention. People were jumping from it. I wanted to try it too as it’s my first time in Galera.

Galera (53 of 157) Liki Tiki 

I already did a few jumps on my basic water safety training in Olongapo so I thought I won’t get frightened by this one in Puerto Galera. But boy was I wrong! I was scared and almost chickened out, I don’t know why. Thanks to the voice who told me, you can do it. Thanks Cristina, buddy! I did it with your help. 

8. Haggling game with the tricycle driver

Haggling is one thing I am not good at. My sister who helped me with our travel itineraries in the past is better at this but she’s not with me at Galera so I had to do it on my own. At first the tryc driver was hesitant at the price I wanted but in the middle of game he agreed. I succeeded! So we had our Tamaraw falls tour along with a few side trips for less than a thousand pesos. See details here.  

Galera (34 of 157) Tamaraw Falls
9. Almost deadly hike
I’ve shared about getting short with budget because of travelling in pair. It’s really pricey to travel in pair and unplanned. We even missed the snorkeling activity because it was too pricey for both. However, it did not stopped us from looking for other options. Thanks to some DIY Puerto Galera ideas on the net, we came up with a cool idea to travel by feet instead. 
Galera (94 of 157) To Aninuan Falls
We walked in the morning from White beach to Aninuan falls, in pair. We passed through Tamaraw Beach, Aninuan Beach and Mangyan Village (without a guide). It was cool but really tiring. The hike/trek was exhausting and unexpected, the boulders were really hard when hit and slippery when wet. Cristina almost fell from a 10ft height. Good thing she quickly hooked her arms on my legs. I already shared the experience HERE, if you want the whole thing.  But just a reminder, sometimes it’s fun, but really not advisable to explore some unknown places without a tour guide.  

10.  Unplanned bikini wear

Lastly, my unplanned bikini wear. It was Cristina’s idea really ‘cause I’m not used to wearing bikini at the beach since I learned swimming. My normal is shorts and rash guard. But again, as it was my first time in Galera, I agreed to wear it. After all, it was not so bad naman pala.

Galera (127 of 157) Not bad at all, just don’t tell my grandma I wore this :) 

You see, some in my list are not so new to most travelers. I read about a guy getting robbed of his bag in another country.  A woman experienced eve teasing in India. Extremes like that. You may even find yours better and more exciting than ours. My point is, most of the time, unexpected events are where we learned the most and yes, the most remembered. It doesn't matter what level of experience you had but what you learned from that experience. As Marcel Proust once said “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” .

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