May 19, 2014

Bucket List

I can’t believe I’m turning 26 already. With no concrete plans in mind, no money in hand, nowhere to go, no boyfriend since birth. Ugh! Sometimes, it’s frustrating to think that other people at your age or even younger has better accomplishments than you. But hey, what’s the point of thinking too much and comparing? We all have our own struggles  and adventures on a different plane. It’s only up to us to see and learn from them, and in the future turn these problems into a story worth reading.

As I’ve told you, I’m nearing 26. In 2 days to be exact. I may be a late bloomer at many things but as they say, it’s better late than never. So here I am, accepting life’s challenges to go get all my dreams to where it belongs. Winking smile

Now let’s start writing (and diving into the unknown).
APDV0110Skin diving in El Nido, Palawan
“Let today be the day you embrace your beautiful spirit and shine light for those living in the dark. Light their path so the road traveled will be seen more clearly. You never know how much a simple act of kindness is appreciated if you never try. Be that candle for someone today and shine bright.”
― Amaka Nkosazana
Places/Things I want to see
  1. Basco Lighthouse, Batanes
  2. Mt Pulag, Benguet
  3. Blue Hole, Romblon
  4. Enchanted River, Surigao
  5. Palompon, Leyte
  6. Tubbataha Reef, Sulu Sea
  7. Shipwreck, Coron Palawan
  8. Singapore
  9. Pai, Thailand
  10. Taj Mahal, India
  11. Aurora Borealis
  12. Pyramids, Egypt
  13. Church of the Light, Japan
  14. Tower of Pisa, Italy
  15. Angkor Wat, Cambodia
  16. Mt Everest, Nepal
  17. Machu Pichu, Peru
  18. The Grand Canyon, USA
  19. Amazon River
  20. Niagara falls
  21. Petronas Tower, Malaysia
  22. Burj Dubai
  23. Palm Island, Dubai
  24. Galapagos Island, Ecuador
  25. Bagan Temples, Myanmar
  26. Santorini, Greece
  27. Some unvisited Islands
Things I love to do/experience/learn
  1. Visit the 82 provinces in the Philippines
  2. Ride a helicopter
  3. Swim with mermaid tails on
  4. Bike from one city to another
  5. Swim with whalesharks
  6. Learn foreign language/s (on going, french & hindi)
  7. Wreck Diving
  8. Invest in Stocks
  9. Run a marathon (5K, 10K, 15K, 21K…)
  10. Live in a different city and/or country  2015
  11. Travel while work
  12. Teach swimming (professionally)
  13. Different yoga poses
  14. 100m Butterfly stroke
  15. Master mermaid swim
  16. Do a different job
  17. Play underwater hockey
  18. Play with snow and learn to snowboard 2017
  19. Volunteer/ Visit in jail
  20. Sky dive or 15ft cliff dive (or higher)
  21. Be part of a movie/ Bollywood production
  22. Experience Holi or Indian wedding
  23. Save a life
  24. Compose a song
  25. Fall in love 2016
  26. Get married
  27. Have kids
Things I want to have/buy
  1. Nice Abs! And Butt.  Smile with tongue out
  2. Self written book
  3. Own domain
  4. Backpack
  5. Tent
  6. Rayban sunnies
  7. Blue Fins
  8. Mountain Bike
  9. Diving/ Mermaid license
  10. Complete make up set and Make Up Box
  11. Coffee Shop
  12. Heavy duty Laptop
  13. Car or RV
  14. Good sounding Ukulele
  15. Business of my own
  16. Passive income
  17. House with organic architecture and roof garden
I think that’s all for now. Now I’m passing the pen to you. Remember Rich Willis words, when ideas are shared, the result is always greater than than the sum of the parts.

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