May 2, 2014

Investors in People, Secrets to Achieving Success


If there’s one message that sinks in even after the Investors in People Secrets to Achieving learning session/symposium/seminar, that is this statement from Paul Devoy, Head of Investors in People United Kingdom Commission for Employment and Skills.
“Put your people at the heart of your vision and they’ll use their talents to achieve it”- Paul Devoy
Investors in people is the world leading best practice quality standard for people management. It works for all kinds and sizes of organization. Those that use the standard improve their results, including in revenue, profit, productivity and customer satisfaction.
Investors in People’s Secrets to achieving, International Good Practices in People Management event, which I was privileged to attend to last April 28, 2014 at St. Luke’s Medical Center in Global City,  discussed about the importance of sound people management.

Topics involved the following:

  • Creating an Empower Culture by Dr Edgardo R. Cortez, MD
  • Becoming an Employer of the Year by Ms. Patricia Whyte
  • International Good Practices in People Management by Mr. Paul Devoy
  • Coaching and Mentoring as the Key to Rapid Quality Improvement by Mr David Burgess
  • Continuous Improvement in Managing and Leading People by Mr Nicholas Thomas
The auditorium was filled with strategic leaders from Investors in People (IiP) Philippines, St Luke’s Medical Center, Q2 HR Solutions, Inc., The British Council Manila, Lyceum of the Philippines University. IiP United Kingdom Commission for Employment, British Embassy and media partners.

On the first half, I learned that to create an empowering culture, one must define what people empowerment is all about. One must learn to communicate. To know what went wrong with the system and not blame who went wrong.

Dr Cortez who became one of my favorite speakers shared about their way of empowering people in their team. Communication to him is one important factor. They used technology to get feedbacks from their employees. They set up a face time wherein they make time to talk to them and know their concerns. They also have a yearly self evaluation to examine individual performances. 

Ms. Whyte, another favorite, made an impression to me when she started by sharing her life story. Her story of success and perseverance really inspired me. She mentioned that to become an employer of the year you have to have a support group of same faith, the right perspective, the passion and a higher purpose that is beyond profitability. I also learned from her that the difference that sets her team apart from the others is the strong culture that guides each employee to be more passionate, to have the integrity, to embrace change and to promote innovation without forgetting to have fun. Who doesn't want to be in her team?

On the second half of the seminar, I learned from Mr. Burgess about coaching as a help to maximize job performance and mentoring as a support and commitment from senior management. I thought about my previous companies as he was speaking. If only we have this kind of system, maybe there are lesser chance of people thinking of shifting career.

Also at the event, IiP awarded organizations who passed the Bronze and Silver accreditation.

Meanwhile here are few photos at the event.


IMG_4416 Ms Janet Webster Watson, Chairperson of IiP Phils for the welcome message.

IMG_4417Dr Edgardo R. Cortez, MD, CEO & President of St. Luke’s Medical Center

IMG_4483Crowd at the Henry Sy Sr Auditorium 

IMG_4431Ms Patricia Whyte, President Q2 HR Solutions, Inc. 

IMG_4445IiP Accreditation to Mr. David Burgess, GEC & Shared Services Director Hyder Consulting Middle East Ltd

IMG_4471Question and Answer Portion
IMG_4482Mr Gerardo Plana, FPM CEO Investors in People, Phils for the closing

Pinoy Bloggers who attended the International Good Practices in People Management

Indeed, the Philippines has still a long way to go learning that people are it’s best asset when it comes to success. Now, I only hope that more people specially in the business industry learns to be more open to continuous improvement in managing and leading people not only for the success of the business but of each individual.

To check more event photos, click here.
To know more about Investors in People Phils, check on this website:

Special thanks to:
Mr. Richard Mamuyac of Astig Machismis and Ms. Reyah of IiP Phils for the event invite. 

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