Sep 25, 2014

Japan's Best Kept Longevity Secret Revealed

Japanese, among most Asians, are considered to possess not just flawless and youthful skin, but also live well beyond their years, with the longevity that is probably the envy of others. 

Even I myself have this curiosity to find out what's their secret. Do they have this secret ingredient in the food they eat? Is it the climate they have? Or is it just natural for them to have this amazing complexion?

And, yes, I got to know their secret last Tuesday as I went to a product launch that revealed Japan's best kept secret to longevity.
DSC02525 Slides presentation about Factors affecting the skin’s condition
DSC02528 Benefits of collagen

Collagen. Hyaluronic Acid. Ubiquinol. These 3 are some of the nutrients our body needs  to effectively counter the rapid deterioration of the skin due to aging. All these, we Filipinos can now enjoy in one healthy drink, Premium Hyc150, also known as Japan’s best kept longevity secret. 

According to Ms Imelda Manook Tesalona, RPh, President of Fine Nutrition Trading International, the local importer of food supplements by FINE Japan Co., Ltd.. “We want more Filipinos to enjoy their lives longer and healthier, and maintain youthful skin, especially for those advancing in age. With the help of Premium HyC 150 and the expertise of FINE Japan Co., Ltd., consumers can look forward to ‘revealing their new youth’ through beautiful, flawless and youthful skin they can be truly proud of,” 

DSC02539 Mr Nobotsuna Sasaki President FINE Company Japan Ltd, Ms. Imelda Manook Tesalona, RPh, is the President of Fine Nutrition International Trading and Dr Rodolfo A. Apostol Vice President, Business Affairs International Academy of Aesthetic Sciences(IAAS) and Manila Eye Surgical Center presenting Japan's best kept longevity secret, Premium Hyc150

DSC02533 Kamapai as PH welcomes Premium Hyc150

Premium HyC 150 is unique in the health market because it is the only supplement drink that has the optimal combination of active anti-aging ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen and Ubiquinol. 

Facts and Benefits of Premium HyC 150
  • The product is proven effective and truly safe for use by people who not only want to delay the effects of aging but also improve their health.
  • Premium HyC 150 has a unique combination of 150 mg. of Hyaluronic Acid (HA), Collagen, and Ubiquinol, three major components especially made potent with the right amount of dosage in one sachet to effectively counter the rapid deterioration of the skin because of aging.
Other Benefits of having these nutrients:
Reduce skin dryness and at the same time hydrates the joints and connective tissues to prevent problems such as osteoarthritis, and even cataract
Helps restore skin’s youthfulness and active glow as we advance in age
Improves muscular strength and heightens mental alertness
Helps repair the body’s natural collagen and maintains the strength of our body’s tissues.
Hydrates surrounding tissue and keeps the collagen nourished and healthy providing the benefits of having lustrous hair, a moisturized scalp, well-hydrated and plump lips, and healthy gums.
  • It works from within, making it more effective than topical creams and lotions, plus the effects are more sustainable and ever increasing.
  • Premium HyC 150 has won the prestigious Monde Selection Gold Award in 2014.
Premium HyC 150 is a product of  FINE Japan Co., Ltd., a company established in 1974 with a reputation to manufacture, research and develop excellent beauty and wellness supplement products that help restore youthful glow to their skin. For more than 40 years, FINE Japan Co., Ltd. is also known for its top-notch ISO 9001 certified manufacturing processes of its products, beginning with research, production to inspection that are all done in-house. 

Premium HyC 150 is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by BrightRAY Enterprises, now available in Watsons stores nationwide. 

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