Dec 31, 2014

Say hello to a young and glowing skin as you welcome 2015

I bet many of us have our New Year’s lists this 2015. Lists of things to do, things to achieve, lessons to take, countries to visit, fears to conquer, gadgets to buy,  attitudes to say goodbye to, and a lot lot more. I too have mine, and few of those numerous items I wrote (which I always renew every single year) were to be more healthy, wealthy and wise. And more beautiful of course.

In line to my goal to be more healthy and beautiful, I attended an event called Bondate with Aqua. It’s a gathering of beauty and lifestyle bloggers for a product launching and demonstration of this awesome beauty care line called Aqua Mineral from the Dead Sea. (I repeat, from.the.dead.sea)


It totally wowed me to experience the product in person because I only watched it featured on TV once, and it caught my attention knowing it’s from the dead sea. And dead sea being the lowest point of the earth, which is also one of the best tourist destinations in the world, for its extraordinary health benefits and consequently dubbed as the world’s oldest health spa.

So, yes it does magic to the skin not only on the outside but also on the skin’s wellbeing. (Believe me, I tried it!)

Now, back to the launch, bloggers including I had the chance to hear about its campaign to revive dull, rough and unflattering skin, and bringing a youthful glowing skin. It was funny but cute to hear men (people behind CosmeticGroup International Corporation, the company that brings a breakthrough line of Dead Sea Products in their brand Aqua Mineral  to the Philippines ) speak about beauty and wellness in a sold out manner.

Here are some photos during the event.







After the demonstration and Q&A portion, we were invited to try the products ourselves.

I tried their body scrub and body butter as it was suggested by a blogger friend who was also in the event and is convinced to its result.

To my observation, and comparison to the other body scrub products I used before, I can say that this one justifies its cost. I love the amount of oil inside the container, which by the way can be used separately as massaging oil and/or to make your hair shine and dandruff free (review soon).

Another thing I like with this scrub is its scent which is not too strong. I also love the size of the salt which is just right, not easily dissolved by the oil. Plus the good thing here is it can last for a year, of course on how frequently you use the product. But as recommended, once a week is enough.

Body butter on the other hand is best on a cold weather or preferably applied by night since it tends to moisturize the skin giving a little tacky feel.



Other products I tried were facial mud mask, clarity peeling gel and hydrating day cream. These 3 are facial care products that I’m eyeing to purchase.

I also tried their Professional Nail kit and was privileged to take one home. The kit includes nail pile, rectangular buffer (which does the magic) hand and body lotion, and oil. I swear you’ll love it. I got amazed how it makes the nails look so clean and healthy after using. And oh, the scent of the hand and body lotion was so nice. I used to get bored cleaning my nails with some ordinary cleaning tools but with this one, even my brother enjoyed doing his.

Aside from these products I’ve tried, other products you might want to try are:


  • Mud soap
  • Mineral soap
  • Hand body lotion


  • Uplifting eye gel
  • Contura eye cream
  • Youth essence serum
  • Night cream


  • Thermal Mask
  • Face serum
  • Face cream
  • Eye and lip cream

For the full list of Aqua Mineral products visit

Twitter: @phAquaMineral
Instagram: @aquamineralph

Or visit the nearest Aqua Mineral store near you.

SM North "The Block" SM North The Block 3rd Level
SM North "Annex" SM North Annex 2nd Level
SM North "Main" SM North Main Mall Ground Floor
Eastwood Mall
SM City BF Homes *SM BF Ground Floor
SM City South mall *SOUTHMALL Ground Floor
SM City Fairview *FAIRVIEW 2nd Level
SM City Pampanga *PAMPANGA Ground Floor
SM City Clark *CLARK-new extension building Ground floor
SM Megamall *MEGAMALL 3rd level
Robinsons Galleria *GALLERIA 2nd Floor
Robinsons Place Malate *MALATE 2nd Floor
Trinoma Mall *TRINOMA Ground Floor
Newport Mall
Glorietta 2 *G2 - Ground floor
Glorietta 5 *G5 - Ground floor
Alabang Town Center *ATC - 2nd floor.
Fairview Terraces *TERRACES - 3rd floor

Gateway Mall *GATEWAY - 2nd floor
Abreeza Davao
SM Lanang Davao
SM Matina Davao

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