Aug 23, 2015

My Ukulele Story

They say ukulele is known to be the happy instrument. Well that probably means one gets happy when he or she played or heard a sound coming from this 4 string instrument. I don't know for some but for me, it works like magic.

Aug 9, 2015

Homesickness is freaking real!

For the past week, I have been battling against this extreme boredom. Boredom from sitting all day long in front of the computer, doing the same projects, meeting the same people, eating the same food. All these, over and over and over again. It's like eating the same meal forever.

Jun 13, 2015

A Surprise Visitor

The day before my birthday, I received a surprise visitor. My sister, all the way from the beloved country.

MJ, my room mate was her accomplice. It was Wednesday morning, I was about to bath but MJ told me to first go to the guards house, I'm picking up someone. I didn't bother to ask as I was still in the midst of dreamland and reality. I just obeyed. At the guard's I saw her waiting with her suitcase. To my joy, I almost hit her but then we hugged and  headed inside.

I really thought this year will be my most serious boring birthday ever but then it turned out differently.

Sister brought me a luggage with a LOT of gifts from friends and family. Clothes, accessories and loooove letters! I am overwhelmed!

She stayed with me for 4 days. And we did visit a few places here in Malaysia.

 We went to KL City Gallery where the largest masterpiece of the Kuala Lumpur City Model can be seen. It also serves as a Tourist Information Centre.

May 25, 2015

Holiday in Singapore (Day 2)

Day 2

Second day involved a LOT of walking as we visited Lucky Plaza, Esplanade, Marina Bay, Merlion Park, China Town, Bugis Street and back to Mustafa Centre

Lucky Plaza for me is basically just a mall with a lot of cheap pasalubongs. You can buy 3 items for 10sgd. I got my 3 headband for 10sgd. My friend got her accessories same price. 

 So many Filipino goodies at Lucky Plaza

I also like to think that this mall is a place for and where Filipinos gathered every weekend (Sunday particularly) occupying the entire place, you won’t feel you’re in a foreign land. It was really good to see  a huge number of fellow filipino men but since I'm not used to crowded malls, we decided to go to our next destination.

Next spot we visited, the Esplanade. We alight at City Hall Station and started the long walk.

Esplanade or Theatres on the Bay is a performing arts venue, in Singapore. The building is known to locals as "the durians" because of it's durian like appearance. 

 Marina bay Sands and the Merlion

Too many tourists that day, I wasn’t able to take decent photos with the Merlion. So I went to the little one. Haha!

Me and the Marina Bay Sands

Since we were feeling our tummies growling already, we headed for lunch and on to our next stops: China Town, Bugis Street and Mustafa Centre. We only had a few minutes walk along China Town and Bugis as we felt so so tired from Day 1. Good thing, Paolo, our new found pinoy couchsurfer friend who's currently in Singapore accompanied us around. 

At 5:30pm, we're back at Mitraa Inn to rest and refresh before our flight back to Kuala Lumpur. 

 At Mitraa Inn Reception

Est. Total Budget for 2days 2nights: P 9,170  (more or less)
Airfare via Air Asia- 160rm (1900php)
Universal Studios Entrance- 69sgd (2200php)
2nights at Mitraa Inn- 58sgd (1900php)
Food Budget (35sgd-lunch and dinner for 2days1100pesos)
EZ Link Card (train)-12+10+10sgd= 1300pesos
Souvenir- 10sgd=320pesos
Starbucks- 14sgd=450pesos

May 9, 2015

Holiday in Singapore (Day 1)

Because we want to make our long week end a productive one, my friend MJ and I booked a flight to Singapore for a 2 days 2 nights do it yourself trip.

Our budget all in; no more than 1000 ringgit (12 thousand pesos). 

Preparation was too quick.We brought not backpacks but shoulder bags since we didn't have much time to buy a cheap decent bag. We booked round trip flights KL-SG-KL few days before our flight. Tickets via Airasia cost 160+ringgit each. Not so cheap nor expensive. 

Next thing, accommodation. We were actually hoping a night at the Marina bay Sands to dip in their infinity pool. But, it was yet still expensive and our budget was tight. So instead, we availed the 29sgd/night/bed at Mitraa Inn backpacker's hostel located in Little India. The good thing about the location is it's a walking distance to the train station which makes it accessible to most tourist spots we visited.

Now back to the actual. 

As we arrived at the airport (9PM), Kuya Pat a family friend picked us up and help us find our way to the hostel. It was our first time to experience their train system which for me is confusing at first but pretty impressive compared to other train systems I tried. 

Approximately 2 hours or less, we reached the hostel. During our check in, our biggest mistake was we missed to change our Malaysian ringgits to SG dollar, so yes, Kuya Pat took charge for the mean time. Lesson learned: Never go out of the terminal without the right currency/money in hand.

I found Mitraa Inn via TripAdvisor. I saw good comments about it and proved them right. The room was clean. Beddings were comfortable. No problem with AC and heater. The room and lockers are secured. The only thing was, the room they gave us was for 6 people, our reservation was for four. Anyway, I was very tired I didn't have the time to argue. So one night, we slept in a room with 3 Koreans/ 1 Indian male backpackers. (Don't worry mom, I'm fine!) The next day, we were only 4.

Day 1 (Universal Studios- Marina Bay Sands/Gardens by the Bay)
Visiting Singapore on a holiday season is a bad baaad idea. Why? Because, one, you don't get to fully enjoy all the rides at Universal Studios as standing in the looong lines took much of our time and energy. Two, you won't get that picture perfect Instagram photos you are aiming and dying to post.

Well some photos we had were still pretty despite the notorious crowd. 


Universal Studios in Singapore (USS) has 7 areas to stroll: Hollywood, New York, Sci-fi City, Ancient Egypt, The Lost World, Madagascar and Far Far Away. 

The best rides according to most of the people I've asked are Transformers and Ancient Egypt. Be sure not to miss these two when visiting. Oh and include Lights Camera Action too. Also, if you enjoy 4D, go inside the castle to watch Shrek 4D.

Another things I loved at USS include the feel good  aura of the entire place, the singing men in Hollywood, kids along with their parents enjoying and a lot more. 

At 5pm, we decided to see the Beach Area. We rode Sentosa Express, alight at the Beach Area and rode a FREE tram to Palawan Beach.

 Pink Tram for kikays :)

Palawan beach and the other beaches were just artificial beaches connected to the sea with ships parked. But the sand was okay. Not really white and fine compared to the Palawan beach in my Philippines. We saw people enjoying the water, kids playing in the sand, a group of people having activities and tourists taking photos.  


Our day 1 was energy draining! But we still managed to see the Marina Bay Sands (the building with the boat on top) and the Gardens by the Bay Super Trees. So, we went there to see the lights show. It was nice but not the best I've seen. So many white people were there to witness the show and take photos.
Gardens by the bay, tree, singapore, travel

Afterwards, we decided to grab dinner and rest our exhausted selves.

Important Notes for first time SG visitors:
1. If you're just around Little India, Money changer is at Mustafa Centre. You can also buy cheap  stuff there like perfume. 
2. Grab a map. It became my bestfriend during the trip.  
3. Be attentive when riding the train. Station names can be misleading so do a research which station is the nearest to your destination. Final destinations may changed, so listen to the announcement. :)
4. Bring bottled water with you all the time especially during summer.
5. If you missed to book Universal Studios in advance, ask from your hotel/hostel. They usually give discounted rates. We got ours for 69 sgd from the regular 74. 

Apr 12, 2015

Bukit Bintang is Malaysia's Shoppers Paradise

If you're planning to go shopping in Malaysia, Bukit Bintang is the place to go. Major retail malls like Berjaya Times Square, Bukit Bintang Plaza, Imbi Plaza, Fahrenheit 88, Low Yat Plaza, Starhil gallery, Pavillion Kl and more are just around the area. 

We went there a few times. There's a lot of people and so much happenings. I'm not really a big fan of crowded places but I love the vibrant feeling of Bukit Bintang.

If you're going here, I warn you, prepare your legs as you will definitely walk whole lot of time.

Make up lovers and gadgets hunters will have their eyes lit up. There's too many items to check out here but remember to go slow with your money. 

How to go to Bukit Bintang (from Kelana Jaya Station-LRT) 

1. By LRT, go down at KL Sentral
2. Transfer to Monorail and go down to Bukit Bintang or Imbi Station. From there, you may start the stroll. 

Safe trip!

Mar 26, 2015

Front Row for Cinderella

Last Sunday was my (our) first time to watch cinema here in Malaysia. Well, in the Philippines, I don't normally go out just to watch movie alone but, for the sake of first time, I gave it a go. 

MJ and I decided to see Disney's Cinderella at Paradigm Mall. Although, we knew the fairytale story (I mean, who doesn't?), we agreed to watch it. Thanks to prince Kit and his blue eyes, we never had a dull moment. :p

So, about my experience watching in a Malaysian cinema for the first time?  Here ye!

Mar 24, 2015

New Domain, New Adventures

Even before I move to Malaysia, it is one of my goals (an item in my bucketlist) to buy my own dotcom blog. Well, it’s been years since I started blogging. Maybe, it’s about time to level it up a little, though I feel guilty of not updating for quite a while.

So, to make it straight, now my blog is I purchased it via for 45 ringgit (540Php or 12 USD). May this push me to write more quality posts. And, to share my worthwhile experiences as I move abroad.


Mi blog. Header by

For those planning to get your own website, you can visit and see if your preferred name for website is up or already taken. If you’re lucky enough, you can then proceed to payment and setting up of your site.

To set up your site, you may find this link helpful:

In my case, I purchased domain that is clumsyclarissdotcom. But, my platform is still under Blogger. Meaning, it’s still my old blogger blog only without a blogspot on the url. Meaning, same layout, posts, widgets and stats.

Right now, I’m experiencing lost comments and FB likes for all my posts. I hope to retrieve it soon. What I did was migrate it (via disqus comments) and change all my urls linked to each social media accounts. Still waiting. I hope it works!

If you have tips to share, let me know.

Mar 22, 2015

Find the Latest Gadgets at Low Yat Plaza, the Largest IT Lifestyle Mall in Malaysia

I don't consider myself a person who will do anything to buy the latest gadget in town. I can even go in life with just a functional call and text hand phone. But, when i saw the overwhelming electronic gadgets at Plaza Low Yat, the largest IT lifestyle mall in Malaysia, I lost control.

Mar 10, 2015

Meeting the Twin Tower

Crossing off the bucket list: Petronas twin tower!
It was a fine Sunday after a busy first week in Malaysia. We decided to finally meet the famous 1483feet high Petronas Twin Tower, still the world's twin tower and former record holder of the tallest tower until 2004 when Taipei 101 took over the title.

Petronas was in my bucket list for one reason. It's featured in the 1999 movie Entrapment starring Zeta Jones and Connery!!! Nah! Well, aside from being featured, my reason basically was, obviously it's the sum total of Malaysia. It's an internationally recognised landmark in the world. They say one haven't seen Malaysia without seeing the Petronas. Oh well, it's kinda true. The tower was so grand, detailed and interesting in person. But behind the construction of this symbolic tower and why it became a symbol is the next question. Here are some few interesting facts about the tower:

1.  The whole complex was built on a former horse racing track.
2.  It took 6 years to complete the towers. Cost: 1.8 billion USD!!!
3. Skybridge was designed as a fire escape.
4. The pinnacle on top of both towers took more than 19 weeks each to make.
5. The main occupant of he towers are: Accenture, Al Jazeerah English, IBM, Carigali Nasional Berhad, Mckinsey & Co, TCS, Krawler Networks, Microsoft and Reuters.

The twin tower can sure be amazing during day time but the view is waaay better at night.  

Petronas Twin Tower is located at Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

To dig more info or if you plan to climb up the tower's skybridge & observation deck, head on to:

Mar 7, 2015

A Many First in Malaysia

It’s a many first for me here in Malaysia. First to move abroad. First to live not with my family but strangers, who eventually became my fiends. First to experience international trip. First to experience paying my own bills. And not to missed, first of being totally independent.

First time experiences can really be cloudy at times 

It’s like a reset. And, it’s sooo. very. egggzoiiiting!

Now, let me share you my first week here.

Feb 19, 2015

Product Review: The New Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner

I believe in miracles…” I can’t help myself not to sing out loud. It was beyond my expectation.

Pantene 3 Minute Miracle came to our doorstep just in time before I finally move abroad. I was packing my favorite clothes along with few toiletries when I heard someone knocking. The man handed a 70ml golden conditioner tube.

DSC04120Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner

Feb 11, 2015

Revisiting Café in the Sky

Café in the Sky is a coffee house located in Mt Cabuyao, Benguet, which is near the location set of the popular teleserye Forevermore. Since the Forevermore fever hit the country, Café in the Sky  started to become a must visit tourist destination when in Baguio.

Foodpanda acquires competitors in 7 Asian markets including City Delivery in Philippines

Press Release:

Manila, Philippines , 6th February 2015: Global online food delivery company Foodpanda announced today that it has fully acquired Singapore-based Food Runner, which operates the brands Room Service in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, and in the Philippines, City Delivery. Already in leading position in most of its Asian markets, foodpanda additionally acquired competitors in India, Pakistan, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Bangladesh. This follows the series of acquisition in Europe, giving foodpanda the leadership in South East Asia, next to its other core markets in India, Russia, Brazil, and Mexico.

Feb 9, 2015

#Propaganda2015, an exhibit that will change how you view museums and libraries

Those who were born in the times where library and museums are the only means of research, (Yes, I’m raising my hand.) you know  there’s a big difference then and now. Before, old paintings, artifacts and deteriorating books, that seem to speak of its own history, can easily fuel interest and excitement.  Now, since we are on a digital age,  you cannot just expect that same level of interest from younger generations, which is sad because it actually eliminates the need for libraries or museums. Good thing, Lopez Museum and Samsung partnered to give us a digitally enhanced museum experience as they open its first exhibition for 2015, entitled Propaganda.

Jan 30, 2015

Get your Acne under control with SkinTrends, the Acne Authority

Acne is one thing that most, if not all of us, hate but will encounter at least once in our lifetime. I know it’s frustrating and embarrassing especially to girls to find it on your face on a special event, say prom or a valentines date with your crush. So what we do is we try many things to conceal or get rid of it by pricking it on our own. But then, we fail. And all we get is deep ugly scars that last a long time.

If that’s your case, fret not, we’re on the same boat. I too have tried a lot of remedies in the past that fail and just made my skin worse. It was depressing! Good thing there are treatments available nowadays that can get your acnes under control. And SkinTrends, the acne authority, shared to us facts about acne and how to treat acne the right way. You’d be surprised, because much of what we know about acnes are just plain myths.

how-to-get-rid-of-acnePhoto credit:

Jan 29, 2015

Solution To My Skin Dilemma at Luminisce Holistic Skin Innovation

I’ve been a fan of road trip and fun under the sun travels. I liked it more when I’m faced with extreme activities like when I swam more than a mile in Olongapo.

10293682_762401697129546_5164835287034273872_oOur kind of tan after a one mile swim. Kindly excuse our faces. (L-R, Ate Shee, Van and I)

You see, I didn’t care much about getting really tan. It’s also not a big deal if I missed to put on sunscreen or moisturizer. As long as I’m enjoying it and there’s nothing so serious then I’m fine. Until one day, my very own skin yelled straight to my face.