Jan 30, 2015

Get your Acne under control with SkinTrends, the Acne Authority

Acne is one thing that most, if not all of us, hate but will encounter at least once in our lifetime. I know it’s frustrating and embarrassing especially to girls to find it on your face on a special event, say prom or a valentines date with your crush. So what we do is we try many things to conceal or get rid of it by pricking it on our own. But then, we fail. And all we get is deep ugly scars that last a long time.

If that’s your case, fret not, we’re on the same boat. I too have tried a lot of remedies in the past that fail and just made my skin worse. It was depressing! Good thing there are treatments available nowadays that can get your acnes under control. And SkinTrends, the acne authority, shared to us facts about acne and how to treat acne the right way. You’d be surprised, because much of what we know about acnes are just plain myths.

how-to-get-rid-of-acnePhoto credit: http://blog.yasabe.com

Jan 29, 2015

Solution To My Skin Dilemma at Luminisce Holistic Skin Innovation

I’ve been a fan of road trip and fun under the sun travels. I liked it more when I’m faced with extreme activities like when I swam more than a mile in Olongapo.

10293682_762401697129546_5164835287034273872_oOur kind of tan after a one mile swim. Kindly excuse our faces. (L-R, Ate Shee, Van and I)

You see, I didn’t care much about getting really tan. It’s also not a big deal if I missed to put on sunscreen or moisturizer. As long as I’m enjoying it and there’s nothing so serious then I’m fine. Until one day, my very own skin yelled straight to my face.